Design an Outstanding Customer Experience with PandaDoc API (1)

The Company: is a specialized financial services firm that delivers Covid employee tax credits to employers.

They use PandaDoc for all their contracts — from partnership contracts to new customer agreements. As they are a B2B business, their new customers need to sign a contract with terms and conditions attached when they sign up for their service.

PandaDoc API has helped them provide easy-to-access, enjoyable customer service to their clients. They use API for eSignature and document generation, with PandaDoc’s API allowing them to generate agreements straight from their CRM.

Their founder, Kash Badami, says:

“We want to be able to sign customers quickly, we want the work involved in the signing to be minimal, and we want them to be able to do it on their phone or tablet. Our goal was to build a smooth process.“

The Problem:

Their goal was to deliver a smooth customer experience while at the same time generating error-free documents. “You can’t downplay the experience at all. It has to be a good experience. Integration with PandaDoc API helped me do one thing, and that is to deliver a smooth customer experience.”

Adding to the challenge was the company’s need to create immaculate documents. As they are a financial service dealing with government grants, they need their record-keeping to be neat, up-to-date, and with all the data populating in the correct fields.

Kash found PandaDoc via a Google search and, after some investigation, decided that the API was better suited to his needs than other eSignature solutions. He also explained his practical approach to choosing software: “I don’t want it to be exciting, I just want it to work — and it works.”

The Solution:

The integration process was quick and straightforward. It took around two days to get their contracts into a format compatible with the PandaDoc API and to figure out what data they wanted to capture in their contracts. The actual integration of Pandadoc API with ert’s workflows took only a few hours to complete. Kash commented:

“The integration process was easy, even though the API has gone through a few changes and improvements in the time has been using it.“

The Results: is only 7 months old, and the startup has been using PandaDoc since they launched. In that time, they have generated upwards of $1M.

They use the PandaDoc API to integrate eSignature capabilities into their workflow because PandaDoc makes it easy to fix and move data into their own documents.

Kash also likes how flexible and dynamic PandaDoc is. can take existing PDFs of government forms and turn them into signable documents that are pre-filled for the customer.’s customers are satisfied with the service PandaDoc allows them to provide. They have not had a single customer complaint about any of the contracts they’ve sent.

And Kash is also a satisfied customer:

“The pricing and the level of service PandaDoc provides is really good and really convenient as a startup. It does everything I want it to do. It’ll be a great solution for any company. If I were to start another company, I would use PandaDoc. I know it, it scales, it works.“

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