Turn any document file into a PandaDoc document

Upload a PDF or a DOCX, place fields on top of it, and send it out for signing – just like that, turn any document file into a PandaDoc document. Replicate fields position and roles assignment on repeated standard contracts to reduce manual errors.

Key workflow steps

Upload a document

  • Create a PandaDoc document by uploading a PDF file.
  • Select a local file and upload it to convert into a PandaDoc document.

Select and place fields

  • Drag and drop fields for text, signature, initials, date, checkbox, radio buttons, dropdown, and stap.
  • Drag and drop them to any desired position on a document and tweak field settings.
  • Assign the fields to a role and recipient.

Send the document

  • Finalize and send the document so that a recipient can open it via link recieved in an email or sms, or access directly in your portal.

Replicate fields placement

  • Once you have placed the required and optional fields in a desired order and arranged them on a document, you can replicate this field configuration on any document, thus streamlining your operations.

Track document status

  • Set webhooks that are triggered when a document is viewed or signed
  • Actively poll document status
  • Send reminders for signers to complete the document

Organize your workspace

  • Store templates and documents in dedicated nested folders
  • Create a document in a specific folder
  • Search for documents and list them in a custom order
"Previously, it was hard and inconvenient to manage templates; placing placeholders in the right place was a nightmare. With PandaDoc this whole manual process has gone from taking 2–3 days to only a few minutes to review that everything is in place."
Diego Gaviola
CTO, Slingr
"Since switching to PandaDoc, our leases are better formatted, contain fewer errors, and are far easier for our teams to work with. The API sandbox allowed me to see that this is exactly what we need, so I didn't go any further with my research with other API solutions.”
Sam Hales
Software Engineer, Saratoga Group
"PandaDoc API is naturally dynamic rather than needing manual adjustment. Since switching to PandaDoc, it takes us around 80% less time to create each contract. The sales reps don't have to do anything now. Whereas before, they could spend 10-12 minutes for each customer, now they just spend two minutes, and that's it!"
Jean Pagan
Chief Software Engineer, AeroNet

Tailored to your industry

Resources to get you started

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Enhance your workflow

Customize documents

  • Parse fields from PDF
  • Use pre-filled fields and variables
  • Validate input data in editable fields
  • Leverage dynamic content generation with placeholders
  • Send documents on behalf of your org members
  • Set custom signing order

Manage quotes and catalog

  • Search Product Catalog
  • Update quotes with external data
  • Change items selection, add taxes, fees, and discounts

Set up your organization

  • Configure SSO and IAM to onboard and offboard users
  • Create workspaces and users via API
  • Assign workspaces and roles based on rules
  • Create folders to organize documents and templates

Listen to document events

  • Receive real-time notifications about document events (for example, a document was signed or viewed)
  • Set webhooks to trigger events both in PandaDoc and external systems
  • Leverage Developer Dashboard to gain insights into your operations

Technical details

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