Slingr reduces document generation time from two days to few minutes with PandaDoc API


The Company:

Slingr is a software company that uses its low-code development platform to build apps quickly. Their goal is to “make software development more efficient.”

They make extensive use of PandaDoc API as a document generation and eSignature tool: internally, in their company management app, externally, as a way to generate and sign agreements with customers, and also as a way to provide eSignature functionality in the apps they create.

“With PandaDoc this whole manual process has gone from taking 2–3 days to only a few minutes!”

The Problem:

As Slingr has an expansive vision for document automation, they need a solution that’s flexible and integrates well into their platform.

After spending some time experimenting with free-to-use PandaDoc API sandbox, they were impressed with its integration capabilities and intuitive design and began finding ways to incorporate it into their workflows.

Slingr’s payment agreements: Slingr works with private contractors, and every month sends a payment agreement document to them. It’s a complex process. It involves parsing documents to insert data such as contractors’ preferred payment methods. This is a critical use-case for Slingr as it allows them to verify that the contractor has agreed to the job, the rate, and payment method, and has indicated the correct wallet address.

Previously, Slingr had used EverSign for this process. But, after a year of trying, they concluded that it did not have the capabilities they needed. “It was hard and inconvenient to manage templates, placing placeholders in the right place was a nightmare,” their CTO, Diego Gaviola, explained.

They found EverSign’s templates inflexible, as it was difficult to change them without having to manually re-enter placeholders. So, as Gaviola says “every time we had to change one thing, we had to change everything”, making maintenance of templates time-consuming.

Each month, Slingr had to ask all their contractors to send their information manually. They then had to spend 2–3 days on manual data entry.

The Solution:

Slingr took advantage of PandaDoc’s ease of use and flexibility to automate document generation and signing.

As the first step in the process, they generated templates for their payment agreements using PandaDoc templates, inserting Smart Content placeholders into the template to create fields for contractors’ data.

Then, using the PandaDoc API, they created the document from that template, before parsing the contractors’ information into the Smart Content placeholders. Now, they can send an automatically generated document out to their contractors for them to sign.

The Results:

After automating the process with PandaDoc’s API, instead of having to fill all the data fields manually every month, all that’s required is for a team member to quickly review the data that’s pulled into their placeholders.

With PandaDoc this whole manual process has gone from taking 2–3 days to only a few minutes! Slingr’s CTO, Diego Gaviola, commented:

“Previously, the payment process was a nightmare. We had to ask everyone to send the document manually every month. With PandaDoc the whole process is automated, now it takes just a few minutes to review that everything is in place.”

Using PandaDoc’s extensive API documentation, it only took a few days to create the endpoint for the API. After they’d done this, they spent a few weeks getting each specific use-case ready for integration. During this process, Slingr team realized they needed some extra features to make their integrations work. After communicating this to PandaDoc, the support on hand meant these features were quickly made available and their automated document generation system was ready to use in a month.

Slingr used PandaDoc API documentation when integrating the app into their platform, but they found the document generation tool so intuitive that they didn’t need to look at the documentation for it.

In the future, they want to capitalize on the API’s ease of integration with their platform to develop more apps and more use-cases for PandaDoc. They suggest their customers use PandaDoc as part of the apps they build for them.

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