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Who uses PandaDoc Contracts

Sales managers

Keep your sales team’s contracts accurate with custom lockable content blocks and contract templates. Streamline internal contract review with automated approval workflows and built-in collaboration functionality. See where contracts are being held up with detailed document analytics.

Sales teams

Create detailed, accurate contracts in seconds inside your CRM. Track when approving managers and prospects view and sign contracts. Close deals faster with built-in negotiation tools.

Contract administrators

Store contracts in a centralized, secure cloud environment. Send contract renewals in seconds. Minimize contract errors with lockable content and template libraries.

Why PandaDoc?

Never leave your CRM

Never leave your CRM

Seamless PandaDoc integrations with every leading CRM allow sales teams to create, send, track, and sign contracts without leaving their CRM. Deploying PandaDoc as an add-on to your CRM eliminates the frustration of using multiple systems while keeping onboarding and training time to a minimum.

Seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration

PandaDoc allows sales reps, managers, legal counsel, and clients to come together during the contract negotiation process, eliminating the frustration of managing contract negotiation via email. PandaDoc doesn’t require a subscription, login, or download for those who need to view documents, recommend revisions, or sign electronically.

Keep sales cycles moving

Keep sales cycles moving

PandaDoc analytics make it easy to see where every contract in your organization is in real-time. Managers use PandaDoc contract analytics to identify at-risk deals, and sales reps stay on top of the contract process by tracking opens, views, and signatures.

Stress-free contract renewals

Stress-free contract renewals

Use PandaDoc to easily search for original contracts and update terms at renewal time. Managers can see all contract activity for their teams to plan ahead for renewals.


PandaDoc integrates with the top business tools you use today. Manage documents from within every major CRM. Use storage and payment solutions to help consolidate tools.


PandaDoc has features that can help any company save time and close business. Gain control of your document process with automation, analytics and team management.


PandaDoc is built on the same AES-256 encryption that enterprise organizations and financial institutions around the world rely on to protect their intellectual property.