Authorize.Net payments in PandaDoc

Get paid immediately after your clients sign the deal with the Authorize.Net payment gateway integration.

Authorize.Net payments in PandaDoc

Get paid faster

Enable credit card online payments in your proposals, quotes, and contracts with Authorize.Net to get paid immediately when your deal closes

Accept credit card payments right from the documents

Whether your clients want to use their Visa, Mastercard, Discover or other major credit card or debit card provider, our integration with Authorize.Net will help them make their payments right inside the document they just signed.


Automate reminders for outstanding payments

Don’t get left hanging. Instead, click one button, and send a friendly reminder for your client to submit their credit card payment in the document they signed.

Payments Email Notifications

Flexible payments options including down payments

PandaDoc helps you provide flexible payment options for your business and your clients. You can adjust your initial payment amount with percentages or a fixed amount to secure your down payment faster.

Payments Card

Initiate recurring payments

Use PandaDoc’s payment block to easily collect the first payment for subscriptions or payment plans, and set up recurring payments or subscription in your virtual terminal.

Document Quote

Make your payment process efficient

Securely process payments

Data security is crucial to credit card providers. Major credit card companies require businesses to follow strict security guidelines when handling your customer’s payment information. Authorize.Net is PCI DSS compliant, and committed to vigilant fraud detection and safeguarding customer information.

Generate invoices and contracts with one click

PandaDoc enables you to set up your payment preferences on your template, and then you can save time when you generate your invoice, because the invoice will inherit the template settings. You can even generate an invoice with information from an existing document. It’s fast and easy to customize the invoice for your customer.

Stay organized

PandaDoc makes it fast and easy to see the number of documents that have yet to be paid at a glance, or filter your documents based on their payment status.