Automated workflow software

Eliminate manual work & streamline your entire document process with PandaDoc’s automated workflow software.

Automated workflow software
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Automate your entire document workflow

Complete tasks faster

Speeding up your processes starts with automating the way you create, send, and follow-up on the documents you send to customers and prospects. Teams can reduce the time they spend on mundane tasks by connecting PandaDoc with their CRM and syncing personalized data into their documents.

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Keep everyone more productive

Improving your team’s performance is easy with PandaDoc. Sales, support, human resources, and legal teams can seamlessly collaborate on documents together. Approval processes, in-line commenting, and signing orders will make every department more productive.

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Customized for your business

Every organization has a unique deal lifecycle process for how they handle their business. With PandaDoc, you can customize how your team creates, approves, sends, tracks, and esigns documents to fit your needs.

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Take total control

Sometimes you need to adjust the level of access a team member should have, and with PandaDoc you can set up permissions, roles, and locked-content. This helps keep teams compliant and on-brand — ultimately saving time and money from costly mistakes.

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Frequently asked questions

How do PandaDoc signing orders work?

The signing order feature inside of PandaDoc helps you ensure your document gets sent to one person at a time (in your preferred order). After you’ve enabled the signing order setting on a document, click and drag the Roles (or recipients) in the order you want them to receive the document.

What do Approvals allow me to do?

Approvals allow you to set up an internal approval process with one or multiple users who are approving documents prior to them being sent out to clients or prospects. If you have internal people who need to receive the document after it is sent out, you should add them as the final recipient to the document and turn on your signing order.

In what ways can I avoid bottlenecks?

One of the best ways to avoid traffic jams in your business processes is to keep your workspaces nice and tidy. Have a dedicated workspace for each department at your organization. We also recommend the following: Limit the number of admins and managers, lock content with “restrict editing” to avoid unwanted edits, and create custom roles and permissions to keep everything running smoothly.

How can I use my CRM to automate workflows?

If your team is using a CRM for products or services you can pull those products into a PandaDoc pricing table with just the flip of a switch. We recommend teams do this to keep their CRMs as the company’s single source of truth. Toggle on the “Automatic Import” option to on and you’ll see products can be added automatically to the pricing table from a CRM or document.