Workflow automation software

Complete 87% more documents in half the time. Use PandaDoc’s workflow automation software to build more efficient processes and manage important docs securely and instantly.

Workflow automation software
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Automate your entire document workflow

Faster workflows, more productive teams

Reduce time spent on tedious tasks with document automation that saves you hours in your day,  every day. Building more efficient document workflows allows you to have more impactful conversations with your team and focus on more important things, like scaling your business. Automated reminder emails, approval workflows, CRM integrations, and seamless team collaboration keeps your document processes running smoothly in the background while you focus on creating stunning documents that increase your close rate by up to 36%.

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Improved collaboration

Collaborating across teams, functions, and departments can be a challenge. PandaDoc makes it easy with powerful features that make document collaboration a breeze. Enterprise workflow automations allow you to keep your entire team on the same page by editing documents simultaneously in real-time, gathering important feedback within a single document, and transferring document ownership from one user to another to keep things on track. 

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Maintain control over your documents

Dynamic documents need to be able to adapt to quick updates and evolving situations. Keep your document settings and permissions in check with PandaDoc’s project workflow software that gives you total control of all important documents. Implement permissions, roles, and signing orders to make sure everyone involved is accurately informed at the right time. Enable content locking on all document elements to prevent changes being made to important sections, like pricing tables or scope of work. Avoid costly mistakes with built-in functionality that keeps your entire team on the same page. 

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Frequently asked questions

How do PandaDoc signing orders work?

The signing order feature lets you ensure that your document follows a specific signing sequence and that it is never sent to more than one person or one team at a time. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing that documents are always edited and approved in your stated order.

Once you’ve enabled the signing order setting on your document template, just click and drag the recipients or roles you want into the order you prefer them to receive the document. Any new file you create with that template will automatically include your designated  signing order.

What do Approvals allow me to do?

Many documents require one or more people to sign off before they’re considered ready to send. Approvals let you set up an automated internal approval process that connects all necessary recipients with a document before it’s sent to the intended prospect or client. You can send documents to internal colleagues both before and after they’re finalized by turning on signing orders and adding team members as final recipients.

How can I avoid bottlenecks?

One of the most common roadblocks in document workflows is the dreaded pileup of conflicting edits on a shared document. By establishing predetermined access windows for each contributor, you can avoid the conflicts and confusion caused by contradictory edits and comments.

Other simple workflow solutions include:

  • ‌Limiting the number of admins and managers in your business workflow software
  • Locking content with “restrict editing” to prevent unwanted edits to important document elements, like pricing tables or discounts
  • Creating custom roles in your process tracking software with corresponding permissions to keep things running smoothly

These document workflow tools are flexible enough to be updated at any time, yet predictable enough to keep processes running smoothly on autopilot.

How can I use my CRM to automate workflows?

PandaDoc allows you to seamlessly integrate with the CRM you’re already using for your products or services to produce an interactive pricing table in just a few clicks. With PandaDoc workflow automations, using your CRM to streamline repetitive tasks can be as simple as toggling the “Automatic Import” option in your document or template.

This lets you keep your CRM as your company’s single source of truth, automatically pushing data and products into key business documents. 

How can PandaDoc’s workflow solutions improve my team’s productivity?

Productivity depends on simple, reliable processes and workflows. PandaDoc makes managing large quantities of documents easy for both enterprise companies and small businesses alike. 

Giving your team access to powerful features like real-time, multi-person document editing, approval workflows, signing orders, and automated follow-ups means they can spend less time on mundane, repetitive tasks and more time crossing off bigger to-do’s like scaling the business, growing the team, or analyzing key documents. 

How can I customize my workflow solution with PandaDoc?

Your business is unique, and your document workflow solution should be too. With PandaDoc’s customizable workflow software, you can build document automations and workflows that function exactly as you need them to. 

Choose from our endless automation options to build or remove signing orders and approval workflows, lock content throughout your document, collaborate in real-time across teams, and manage important feedback in one place. With PandaDoc’s open source workflow automation software, building your dream document workflow is just a click away.