PandaDoc for FreshBooks

Automatically generate invoices, bills, contacts and more with our powerful FreshBooks integration. Sync PandaDoc proposal software with one of the world’s best accounting apps.

PandaDoc for FreshBooks

Need even more power?

Automatically create FreshBooks invoices

Generate FreshBooks invoices whenever a client a contract, approves a quote or agrees to a proposal. The PandaDoc easy-to-use, fully secure eSignature and payment features, all of which can be embedded into documents with a few clicks, will instantly communicate with FreshBooks.

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Easily track all billable activities

Whenever a client interacts with a document you’ve sent, all billable activities will be recorded and updated in FreshBooks. You can automate the creation of bills, invoices, records and more. Our document features, like eSignature fields and embedded payment options, mean that very little, if any, human input is required.

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Generate easy-to-read invoices

Automate the creation of tailored invoices based on an array of client actions. PandaDoc provides businesses with the tools to create, send and track beautiful, paperless documents. The FreshBooks integration extends this time-saving functionality to your accounts, automating and streamlining an array of laborious tasks.

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Auto-send new invoices to your customers

Utilize the PandaDoc powerful range of drag-and-drop document tools – from secure electronic signatures to online payments – to automatically send new invoices to customers. This takes the hassle out of recording and sending invoices manually whenever a new deal is made. Many of our customers experience an overall boost in client satisfaction along with faster payments.

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Payment reminders

Do you need to remind a client to pay their invoice? Let forgetful clients know about unpaid invoices and bills with pre-set reminders. Use the FreshBooks PandaDoc integration to automatically set these up whenever a proposal, quote or contract is approved.

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Automate the signing process

PandaDoc eSignature tools, which boast top-notch security features, connect seamlessly with the FreshBooks app to generate bills and auto-payments. Signatures can be made from any device, by multiple individuals in a group (group signing) and even in-person. What’s more, you can use PandaDoc reminders to gently prompt unresponsive clients.


How to setup PandaDoc for FreshBooks via Zapier?

Connect PandaDoc with FreshBooks

Connect PandaDoc with FreshBooks

Log into your Zapier account and connect PandaDoc with your FreshBooks account. Ensure everything is working by following the on-screen instructions and running a few test automations (also called “Zaps”).

Create your Zaps

Create your Zaps

Create your own automated processes or use our ready-made Zaps. We’ve built our Zaps based on the most common automation our clients seek. We also have extensive help documentation and a knowledgeable customer service team to help you with any problems.

*Note: The Zapier free version only allows users to create up to five 2-step zaps which include most major apps. However, this integration might be considered a premium integration for which you will need a paid Zapier plan.

Test and customize

Test and customize

Learn what works for you as you tweak and test going forward. There is no limit to the number of automations you can make.