Document tracking

Gain insight into how recipients interact with your documents when you send them with PandaDoc.

Document tracking

Who uses Document Tracking

Who uses Document Tracking

Contract managers

PandaDoc streamlines contract renewals with built-in document tracking analytics. PandaDoc allows you to track your contracts after they’re sent instead of chasing signatures via email. The best part? Once a contract is signed you’ll receive an immediate notification with a link to download the finalized contract in PDF form.

Sales teams

Focusing on unsigned proposals or contracts can throttle your ability to go out and drum up more business. With PandaDoc, you’re instantly notified when a prospect opens and views a document you’ve sent them, and you can prepare yourself for potential objections by seeing exactly how long they spent on each page of your proposal or contract. PandaDoc gives you the insights you need to close deals faster while freeing up your time so you can fill your pipline.

Sales operations

A successful sales operations strategy is fueled by accurate and timely performance data. With PandaDoc, you’ll have access to detailed analytics that let you see which content and collateral is being used the most. You’ll also have a top-to-bottom view of the sales pipeline with data on exactly what stage every proposal, quote, and contract is in real-time.

Why PandaDoc?

Why choosing the PandaDoc document tracking software?

Actionable insights

The document analytics inside PandaDoc show you exactly how long each recipient views the documents you send them. When you know that a prospect spent twice as long reviewing your implementation schedule as they did viewing your pricing page, you’re better prepared to handle their questions and keep the deal moving forward.


Maintain your pipeline

Thousands of sales are stalled every month due to unread emails. With PandaDoc, everyone involved with the document receives an instant notification when a proposal or contract is signed, and our integrations let you automate essential tasks to prevent sales from stalling.


Close deals faster

Our document tracking software can help your sales team accelerate the sales cycle and get more deals closed in less time. Leave the frustrations of eliciting signatures via email behind when you upgrade to the powerful tracking software built right into PandaDoc.


Analytics that sales leaders can rely on

Sales leaders love PandaDoc because our document tracking gives them a more accurate view of their entire sales pipeline. When your sales team starts using PandaDoc, you’ll know precisely how close every deal is to closing without having to probe your reps.