Secure HIPAA Compliant Software

Secure HIPAA Compliant Software
increase in completed docs per month
increase in close rate
decrease in document creation time

Spend more time with patients

Get hours back in your day

Easily create, complete, and electronically sign your patient forms and legal agreements in minutes, anywhere, and on any device.

Mobile - Document Waiver Sign

Give your office staff a break

Your fax, filing cabinet, and scanner will thank you. With PandaDoc, your team eliminates inefficient processes and allows for more time to care for patients.

Document Workflow Healthcare

A single, centralized location

Track and store all of your patient forms and docs in one centralized, secure location, so you never have to worry about misplacing or losing documents ever again.

Document In App

Keep important records safe

PandaDoc is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2, Type 2 certified. HIPAA regulations (The HIPAA Privacy Rule) requires that Covered Entities sign an agreement with their Business Associates. PandaDoc will provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for Business or Enterprise customers.


Over 50,000+ customers trust PandaDoc

PandaDoc provides my sales team with the ability to stand out, helping us win more business and ensuring our customers receive a top-notch product and service.

My new document process has allowed me to juggle more prospective and active clients at one time.

PandaDoc makes sending contracts efficient, and my patients receive their contracts in a timely manner to speed up business.

Additional features to keep health data safe and give you peace of mind

Document encryption

Password protect your most sensitive documents to ensure that only the right eyes and people have access.

Access Code

User-level permissions

Set specific permissions for individuals or departments within your medical office. You can even add multiple users at one time.

Team People

Audit log

The audit log allows you to download a record of user activity within your account within the last 30 days.


Dedicated monitoring & alerts

PandaDoc’s application and infrastructure are monitored 24/7/365 and alert our always on-call DevOps team should a security breach occur.

Api Support

Secure architecture

Our web app is also multi-tiered into logical segments (front-end, mid-tier, and database), guaranteeing maximum protection and independence between layers.


Make any patient doc digital and collect eSignatures in minutes

Patient forms

Make even the most worrisome patients comfortable with a sanitary and touchless environment. Simply convert your patient and intake forms to digital ones with the upload feature in PandaDoc.

Document Healthcare Dental

HR contracts

Hiring and onboarding new staff is a breeze when you can manage your entire human resources paperwork process through PandaDoc. Get your team back to what’s really important, your patients.

Document Repository Hr


PandaDoc offers built-in, legally-binding electronic signatures to keep appointments on schedule. Additional software purchases won’t be required to receive ESIGN and UETA compliant eSignatures on any patient document.


PandaDoc + the tools you love

Whether you need to collect payment data and ePHI from your patients or safely pass contact info to and from your Salesforce account to create or update records, PandaDoc has an integration to help streamline even the most complicated processes.

Learn more about integrations

Proposal Integrations

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