TheKey saves 3,000 hours per year using PandaDoc

TheKey saw a 10x improvement in document management efficiency using PandaDoc, saving their team 3,000 hours annually

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For 20 years, TheKey, formerly Home Care Assistance, has delivered quality in-home care, supporting older adults with a wide range of needs due to age-related conditions. As the leading provider of premium in-home care in the U.S., they’ve given more than a million hours of care to seniors and their families from coast to coast.

The problem

Katie Buell, Digital Product Manager at TheKey, was caught in a document management dilemma.

As the company expanded from 14 corporate offices two years ago to 120 offices throughout the U.S. today, chaos was a constant theme.

“Where are things? What direction are they moving in? How do we stay on top of it?” 

TheKey has a presence in 31 states, which means they have at least one or two different consent agreements for each, due to regulations that apply to home health and home care agencies. Some are highly regulated.

Their use of a top competitor for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) didn’t help the situation.

“Our struggle with using DocuSign was that we had Word documents for all these different agreements. Sixty different templates for the same thing, using the same language. Not being able to basically deploy a legal language change in an instant was,a major pain for us.” Katie Buell, Digital Product Manager at TheKey

“We were just drowning in work,” she continuedAdditionally, there were major implications regarding their bottom line. “We knew there would be some surprise costs [continuing to use DocuSign], and that the annual spend was going to be absolutely massive for something that only about a third of our business was using.” 

Buell said:

“It was just very limited. We couldn’t onboard any additional departments. There was also concern about confidentiality. Nobody wanted to manage the system.”

The solution

In the midst of their DocuSign mayhem, Buell received a cold marketing email from someone at PandaDoc. The timing couldn’t have been better. 

“Was I interested? Yes.”

TheKey started working with us in June 2022 and never looked back. “We pulled every single thing we had from Docusign and rebuilt it with PandaDoc templates,” stated Buell. “We just didn’t want to upload Word docs or pdfs again.”

But TheKey was on the clock and Buell knew it. They had to turn off their DocuSign access on a Monday night and start with PandaDoc the following morning. “We couldn’t have any downtime,” she noted. “There are contracts or agreements that have to be signed before we can start services with a patient.”

Since then, they’ve been able to onboard 10 departments across the company, including Business Operations, Payroll, Legal, and HR. Thousands of documents later, the change was significant.

Then Buell added:

“This is how we’re going to manage all our documents, especially with more than 8,000 caregivers and 1,500 corporate employees. It’s our source of truth for all documentation, as well as all our corporate locations and departments. That’s a massive job for one platform.”

PandaDoc was more than up to the task. 

The results

TheKey experienced an impressive return on investment with PandaDoc. According to Buell, “We’re saving 3,000 hours annually and we’re three times more efficient.”

“Everybody can just live in PandaDoc,” she said. “I use this analogy where PandaDoc is the house and the workspaces are the rooms inside. It’s so clean, so straightforward and easy to understand. It’s our hub.”

Buell continued, “In the past year, we’ve been able to 10x our document management efficiency because of our partnership with PandaDoc.” 

Finally, she raved about our customer support.

“I’ve worked with a lot of different vendors across different industries and I’ve never been more impressed. They respond to me in less than an hour, even if there’s not a fix needed. It makes me feel like they’re always there for us.” 

Just as TheKey is always there for the seniors who need them most. 

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