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Carr Workplaces
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The challenge

Carr Workplaces basic Word document proposals impeded the sales team’s ability to get proposals out fast, lacked visual appeal and hindered their ability to make a strong impression on prospects. With rapid growth, Carr Workplaces needed to support their expanding sales team with a new CRM software tool and a robust proposal and quote generation software to enhance their sales process. 

The solution

Carr Workplaces streamlined their sales process with the seamless integration between HubSpot and PandaDoc, saving them over $100K in annual software costs and reduced time to close deals by 15%.

decrease in time to close
saved annually on software


Carr Workplaces is a provider of flexible office workspaces that offer concierge-type services. Most offices also include an energetic professional community that helps solo-entrepreneurs get their business off the ground running. Carr Workplaces locations span the entire U.S. including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Carr Workplaces needed a robust proposal software to with HubSpot Sales Hub

Amidst rapid expansion, Carr Workplaces knew their sales process needed to improve. The need for a comprehensive CRM solution and a robust proposal generation software was hard to ignore. They knew their team was encountering inefficiencies with their existing process – they were creating document proposals in Microsoft Word, which lacked visual appeal and created room for human error. Carr Workplaces sought a solution to enhance their sales collateral and streamline their workflow.

After thorough research, Carr Workplaces made a strategic decision to implement HubSpot CRM and PandaDoc for their sales operations. The decision stemmed from a desire to integrate seamlessly between their CRM and proposal creation platform, with the ability to create and send proposals right from their CRM. PandaDoc’s reputation for delivering visually appealing and on-brand proposals, coupled with HubSpot’s robust CRM capabilities, convinced Carr Workplaces that this integration would address their pressing sales challenges.

Sending proposals at scale – all from within HubSpot Sales Hub

The implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub and PandaDoc transformed Carr Workplaces’ sales process. With PandaDoc’s template functionality and approval workflows, proposals were out the door faster than ever. Features like real-time tracking improved accuracy, productivity, and visibility throughout the sales pipeline.

Impact – 15% reduction in time to close 

By combining the power of HubSpot Sales Hub and PandaDoc, Carr Workplaces achieved significant cost savings by consolidating their software stack and automating their document generation process. With PandaDoc and HubSpot, Carr Workplaces achieved a 15% reduction in time to close deals and saves over $100,000 annually on software.

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