Drive revenue faster in Salesforce CPQ

Count on PandaDoc to help you leave a lasting impression on customers and prospects, with fast, error-free quotes that are easy to build and hard to beat. All done inside Salesforce CPQ.

Drive revenue faster in Salesforce CPQ

Join 50,000+ customers who’ve benefited from:

automated document generation
decrease in create-to-complete
increase in documents sent per month

Win more deals with impressive quotes

Gain a competitive edge by bringing your brand’s unique look to every quote built inside Salesforce CPQ. Easily create standardized templates, use drag-and-drop e-Signature blocks, embed rich media and upload product screenshots.

Product Catalog Quote

Minimize expensive errors

Maintain control throughout the entire sales process by taking advantage of content-locking capabilities and automatic sync between PandaDoc and Salesforce CPQ.

Saleseforce Pd Tokens

Share quotes in minutes minus the paperwork

PandaDoc helps you create documents automatically right from Salesforce CPQ, saving you time by reducing the need for manual data entry. Get contracts done quickly using collaboration features, approval workflows and legally binding e-Signatures.

Collaboration Invite

Set up and customize easily. No coding required

PandaDoc setup tools include turnkey settings to customize your workflow, a token builder for pulling in data, field mapping (including custom fields), data sync, document triggers and convenient file storage.

Organized Content

Stop wondering and start closing

Get real-time document status updates directly inside Salesforce CPQ, to let you focus on the most promising prospects. Close deals faster by being notified when they receive, open and read your proposal or quote. Benefit from having all deal-related conversations and negotiations on proposals, contracts, and agreements embedded within Salesforce.

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Frequently asked questions

What can this integration do?

Enhance your quoting process with PandaDoc’s templates in Salesforce CPQ. Features include variable mapping, direct document creation from the Quote object, real-time status tracking, and sync triggers for automated updates.

How does the CPQ integration differ from the standard SFDC integration?

The CPQ integration focuses on the Quote object, offers streamlined document generation in Salesforce CPQ, has unique pricing table setup, and includes triggers for Quote Net Amount.

Do I need both Salesforce and Salesforce CPQ integrations with PandaDoc?

No. Salesforce CPQ includes all the capabilities from the standard integration, adding support for the Quote object and additional triggers.

Can the CPQ integration handle product groups and bundles?

Yes. Product groups appear as section names, and bundles show in the pricing table.