PandaDoc and Canva integration

Access millions of Canva design features directly within PandaDoc.

PandaDoc and Canva integration

Tap into the power of PandaDoc + Canva

Easily design high-quality, eye-catching documents

Canva’s integration with PandaDoc makes designer-grade docs a reality.

Access millions of design elements

Canva’s robust content library of images, fonts, illustrations and templates can easily be pulled into documents using a simple, user-friendly drag and drop interface.

Editor - Canva

Empower, unleash and express creativity

Eye-catching designs bring your business documents to life — proposals, contracts and quotes — layered with features you love like eSignatures and payments.

Document - Proposal generator

Streamline efficiencies across your team

Maximize time driving your end result vs. spending time searching for images or building visually appealing designs thanks to our intuitive interface.

Document - Workflow - Agreement

Drive enhanced brand consistency

Whether you’re building internal or external facing documents, ensure your documents remain consistent with other marketing initiatives.

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Flexible, streamlined access

The PandaDoc + Canva integration can be accessed in two ways; using the Canva Button directly within PandaDoc, or straight from Canva – where designs can be published to PandaDoc. Visit the PandaDoc App within Canva’s Apps Directory for more details on accessing the integration through Canva.

Canva's Apps Directory

Canva + PandaDoc

Who uses PandaDoc with Canva integration

Who uses PandaDoc with Canva integration

Small businesses

Canva’s design features allow small businesses to create high-quality graphics directly within PandaDoc – without needing the support of a dedicated, in-house design team.

Marketing teams

Marketing teams use Canva within PandaDoc to streamline brand consistency. On-brand images, fonts, logos and templates can easily be added – allowing teams to simply drag and drop brand elements into any document.