Document efficiency for Education

Need an easy solution for creating permission slips, faculty contracts, remote learning agreements, as well as enrolment or admissions forms? PandaDoc is here to help you get them all signed in minutes.

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Document efficiency for Education

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How PandaDoc Impacts Educationizations

Maintain FERPA Compliance

Protecting student records is extremely important and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that PandaDoc is FERPA, ESIGN AND UETA compliant. Thorough audit trails are also included.


Simplify Multiparty Signings

PandaDoc provides signing orders, status update notifications and auto-reminders. Our user-friendly interface is accessible from any device and we provide recipient verification for added security.

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Bundle Documents Quickly

Group documents together easily and send them out in a single click. You can use this function for forms, permission slips and more to send out admissions packages as well as faculty onboarding packages.

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Utilize Roles and Workspaces

Share the right documents with the right departments and adjust access as needed. Your faculty and student data will be easy to find when needed while you maintain high levels of confidentiality.


Upgrade the experiences for students, parents and staff

Deliver contracts and agreements digitally, while enjoying cost-saving efficiency.



Multiple workspaces within PandaDoc enable schools to easily create, manage and organise error-free contracts by department and district.


Embed PandaDoc forms on a website to capture information for business-critical documents including registrations, internet access authorizations, parent-teacher handbooks and more.


Connect with students, parents, as well as faculty from any location with convenient, secure and legally binding e-Signatures that simplify the entire process.

PandaDoc receives A+ ratings in Education

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“We use PandaDoc for everything you can possibly imagine. If you have any form that you need to send out, route anywhere, be completed, and sent back – it works well …”

Jennie Dixon

Jennie Dixon Director of Human Resources

“We’d happily recommend PandaDoc to anyone looking to save time dealing with their paperwork.”


Justin Jackson Director

“Process bottlenecks are now a thing of the past with all employees efficiently functioning with PandaDoc. HR and other District departments benefit from time saved by …”

Pamela Mcleod

Pamela Mcleod Director of Technology

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