How PandaDoc slashed Nomad’s customer acquisition costs by 20%

Nomad Lease

The Challenge

Nomad’s sales reps often spent hours with customers compiling the information required to produce a proposal. They needed a document management solution that would integrate seamlessly with HubSpot for efficient data managing and lease creation to move faster and close deals quicker.

The Solution

Using PandaDoc’s API functionality and HubSpot integration, Nomad now automatically generates proposals based on customer information added to their customer portal software and enables its reps to finalize agreements directly from the HubSpot CRM. With PandaDoc payments, they qualify leads faster by collecting payments earlier in the customer journey, as well.

By leveraging PandaDoc to its fullest potential, Nomad has reduced their time to create a proposal by 91.67% and slashed customer acquisition costs by 20%.

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reduction in customer acquisition costs
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Navigating operational bottlenecks

Nimble, efficient and versatile operations are the backbone of Nomad, a dynamic property management platform exclusively designed for small-scale landlords. They offer a unique value proposition to landlords by guaranteeing rent payments, allowing landlords to mitigate the financial uncertainties associated with property management and providing a stable income regardless of tenant occupancy or payment issues.

As Nomad’s Head of IT & Strategic Enablement, Will O’Neil knew he needed to find a solution to the sales team’s challenges creating agreements. Their initial business structure required them to hold separate leases with property owners and tenants, complicating document management and slowing down operations. Reps spent a significant amount of time manually gathering information from property owners during sales conversations, then translating this data into leases.

With Nomad’s business operations rapidly expanding from 10 to 50 states, this time-consuming methodology was seriously bottlenecking their growth potential, making the search for a seamless proposal creation software top of mind for them.

Saving time with API and integrations

Nomad chose PandaDoc to streamline their proposal creation process due to our API functionality and robust HubSpot integration. The time savings were two-fold: Customers fill in the information needed to generate the agreement, and reps could work directly from their CRM to progress deals in their pipeline.

PandaDoc was integrated into Nomad’s customer portal via API. Previously, sales reps would engage in lengthy phone conversations with landlords to gather requisite information. Now, when customers input their information directly into the Nomad customer portal, an agreement is automatically generated in PandaDoc, reflecting the specific inputs from the customer.

When their sales team works to progress deals in their pipeline, they can finalize and send PandaDoc proposals directly within the HubSpot CRM, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Closing deals faster with PandaDoc Payments

Another common problem Nomad encountered was window shopper customers who weren’t fully ready to commit to working with Nomad. They set out to charge an onboarding fee to generate revenue at the outset of a deal. This initial revenue would cover all of the work that goes into the process of getting a landlord’s property leased and help the sales team hone in on prospects that are fully committed in the deal cycle. 

Using PandaDoc’s payments feature, Nomad collects the onboarding fee early in the customer journey, ensuring only serious prospects move forward in the sales process and reduces time spent on unqualified leads. It also provides a positive customer experience by allowing for easy payment processing.

“In the first month we collected over $50,000 in revenue. Before PandaDoc’s payments feature existed, we wouldn’t have been able to collect this revenue,” said Casey Devlin, Manager of Business Operations at Nomad

Slashed time to create by 91.67% and reduced CAC by 20%

Integrating PandaDoc’s robust feature set into their HubSpot CRM and the Nomad software marked a turning point in how the company managed customer interactions. By leveraging PandaDoc’s powerful API and seamless HubSpot integration, they dramatically reduced time-to-create agreements by 91.67% and a 20% reduction in customer acquisition costs.

Now Nomad is positioned to focus on what matters most — expanding their presence nationally and freeing up valuable resources to focus on their core mission and growth objectives.Ready to streamline your sales workflow to save time and reduce CAC? Book a demo

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