PandaDoc for Salesforce

Manage your proposals, contracts, and quotes in Salesforce.

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Connect documents to your Salesforce CRM

An integrated tool that embeds document generation and eSignatures into Salesforce.

Create and design in minutes

Edit documents on the fly during back-and-forth negotiations in the Salesforce window with our robust editor. Build from scratch, upload an existing document or leverage the template library and have a doc ready in minutes, all from within the familiar Salesforce interface.

Merge Salesforce data into documents

Open an Account, Lead, Contact, Opportunity or any custom Salesforce object to build a document. No need to copy/paste, as the object details will automatically flow into your document thanks to the data integration and our tokens feature.

Generate dynamic quotes fast

Tokens will merge product and pricing data from Salesforce into a pricing table. Adjust your quote by adding discounts, taxes, or optional items. To prevent errors you can also lock the pricing table from editing. Send any updates back to Salesforce if the pricing table in the quote is changed by the recipient.

Collect legally-binding eSignatures

Every PandaDoc subscription includes enforceable, legally-binding, ESIGN and UETA compliant electronic signatures with a complete audit trail. Send any document for signature or collect it in-person. And when the signature is captured, send a PDF copy back to your Salesforce CRM for storage.

Get real-time updates in Salesforce

Spend less time tracking your documents. Real-time status updates on document activities will appear in your Salesforce Notes section. Dive deeper into the document analytics to see what pages were viewed and for how long. Create automated reminders and expirations on your proposals to speed up your sales cycle.

Retrieve documents from CRM

Attach documents automatically to the associated Salesforce object and gain instant access to the latest version. Our 2-way sync can automatically change fields on a Salesforce object so that sales records are accurate and up-to-date. Configure cleanup rules to optimize your usage of costly Salesforce storage.

PandaDoc Salesforce integration for admins

2-way sync

Fully integrated with Salesforce platform, PandaDoc provides 2-way sync capabilities to transfer customer data between apps. Here are a few examples: update the opportunity status when the PandaDoc document stage changes, save document updates and PDF copies in the Notes and Attachments section or update Products associated with the Opportunity when the PandaDoc pricing table is changed.

For every edition of

For the best customer experience, we developed our integration for all Sales Cloud editions and the integration Lightning ready. Download the latest integration package for your edition from the official Salesforce AppExchange listing.

Out-of-the-box tools for configuration

Integration setup and settings customization is quick and easy because no coding is required. Adjust the settings for data flows, field mapping (including custom fields), 2-way sync, document triggers, file cleanup rules, and more in the PandaDoc Setup section within Salesforce. Leverage the PandaDoc API integration for deeper customization and integrations with other applications like Google Drive, Slack, and Stripe.

Templates and content library

Create reusable templates and content library items to drag and drop right into your proposal. Our customers report this feature alone can reduce doc creation time by 65%. To prevent errors, you can lock content like complicated legal terms from editing. Fill your content library with photos, videos, whitepapers, and customer case studies to tailor your sales documents to your customers.

Approval workflows

Automate your approval process with clear assignments and automated routing. Create or replicate your internal approval process to save time and have documents approved before they are sent.

Who uses PandaDoc for Salesforce

Who uses PandaDoc for Salesforce

Sales enablement

Establish a business process that streamlines your sales workflow and increases efficiency. Our 2-way sync with Salesforce integration keeps your sales records up-to-date.

Sales teams

Track quotes and proposals through every stage of your sales cycle from Salesforce app. Gain insight into the performance of sales reps and sales documents with advanced reporting.


Easily organize marketing collateral and content in a custom content library. Attain complete control over each piece of sent content with content locking and granular permissions.

Frequently asked questions

Do you support deployment in the Sandbox?

Yes, you can have a fully-functional free trial to test if PandaDoc meets your business needs without connecting PandaDoc to your live Salesforce instance.

Where do I learn more about how to configure the Salesforce integration?

You can read more in our help article.

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