Square payments in PandaDoc

Collect online payments through Square’s online payment gateway immediately when your customers sign the deal.

Square payments in PandaDoc

Get paid faster

Automatically request online payments when your deal closes

Stop waiting for weeks to get paid

Request payment seconds after your customer signs the deal by adding a payment block to your proposal, contract or invoice. PandaDoc customers typically receive payments in just 2 days.

Payments Card

Request a down payment

This is just one of the flexible payment options that the PandaDoc payment block provides. Secure your payment immediately by requesting a fixed amount or a percentage of the total deal amount.

Document Signature Quote

Initiate recurring payments

Do you sell subscriptions or recurring services? Collect the billing details and initiate the first time payment by adding a payment block to your document and then set up the recurring payment in your Square dashboard.


Generate invoices with one button

Save time by setting your payment preferences at the template level and then your documents will inherit those settings. Or generate an invoice with information from your existing proposal.

Payments Email Notifications

Stay organized

Stop wondering if you’ve been paid or not. You can quickly see the number of documents waiting for payment or filter your documents based on their payment status. If you receive a payment with another form simply change the document status manually.

Document Signature Quote

Create documents with pre-set payment settings

Generate proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices from custom templates with pre-set payment settings. Define payment information, payer roles, recipients who should receive a copy of the doc, and how the payment amount is calculated for each new document created from the template.

Document Integrations Payment

Payments made easy

Fast connection with your Square account

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Simply connect these two powerful systems to accept credit card payments online right from sales documents and create a seamless and smooth customer experience.

Secure card payment processing

Payment processors require merchants to follow strict security guidelines. PandaDoc does not process or store any payment details. Square maintains PCI compliance so rest assured your customer’s data is secure.

Reminders for outstanding payments

Don’t let late payments leave you short-handed. Instead, you can click one button and send a friendly reminder to your recipient to submit their credit card payment details in your document.

How much does it cost to use Square payments?

Your total cost will include a Square fee. Check Square’s website for more details on their transaction fees. As for PandaDoc, there is no fee for transactions.

How do I set up Square payments in PandaDoc?

Check out our step-by-step guide to get started.

How do I collect recurring payments?

It’s easy — just initiate the first time payment through the PandaDoc payment block, and then go to your Square dashboard to set up recurring payments within your account.

I don’t use the Square payment gateway. Can I connect my own gateway to my PandaDoc account?

PandaDoc plays well with many other payment gateways. Check them out here.