QuickBooks Payments

Quickly accept credit card payments in your PandaDoc proposals and track your transactions in Intuit QuickBooks. Get paid seconds after your customers sign the deal.

QuickBooks Payments

Get paid faster

Automatically request online payments via QuickBooks Payments after your deal closes.

Stop waiting to get paid

Add a QuickBooks payment block to your proposal and PandaDoc will automatically request payment from your merchant services account after your customer signs the deal.

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Easy down payments

Select a flexible payment option to collect down payments on your products or services – by requesting a fixed amount or a percentage of the total deal amount.


Initiate payments in PandaDoc and convert them to recurring payments in QB

Collect the first time payment in PandaDoc and easily tie that to a recurring subscription in your QuickBooks virtual terminal.

Payments Card

Send friendly reminders to pay

Avoid implementing a collections process. Instead, click one button, and send a friendly reminder to your doc recipient to submit payment in the document they signed.

Payments Email Notifications

A powerful tool combination

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Save time generating invoices

Set up your payment preferences on your template and your PandaDoc documents and invoices will inherit those settings or generate an invoice with information from an existing proposal. It’s fast and easy to customize the invoice for your customer.

Secure payment processing

Credit card companies require merchants to follow strict security guidelines, called DSS PCI Compliance. Intuit QuickBooks provides helpful tips for your business to be PCI compliant when you collect credit card information from customers.

Easily track every payment status

PandaDoc makes it easy for you to quickly see the number of documents waiting for payment, as well as the payment status of your other documents. Now staying organized is easy — just find the proposals in the “Waiting for Payment” status.

Got questions? We have answers.

How much does it cost to use QuickBooks Payments?

QuickBooks online doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Instead, they charge varying rates for each type of transaction. Click here to see their payment solutions rates.

How do I collect recurring payments?

It’s easy — just initiate the first payment through the PandaDoc payment block, and then go to your QuickBooks virtual terminal to set up recurring payments.

Can I use PandaDoc payments for quotes?

Yes! Use PandaDoc pricing tables to communicate and agree upon the quote and then convert that to an invoice with your QuickBooks payment block and collect payment.

I use a different payment gateway. Can I connect it to my PandaDoc account?

Yes, you can! PandaDoc plays well with many other payment gateways. Check them out here.