Approval workflow software

Drop your document creation time by 50% and save hours in your day. Streamline your business processes, accelerate document approval workflows, and get 87% more docs out the door every month.

Approval workflow software
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Say goodbye to manual approval processes

Get approvals in real-time

Stop chasing down key stakeholders and sending countless reminder emails. PandaDoc’s document approval workflow software allows you to automate the entire approval process, saving you time, energy, and headache. Create lists of necessary approvals for different teams that are automatically notified when a document is completed. 

Workflow Approval

Customize approval processes

Create custom approval workflows that fit the exact needs of your business. PandaDoc’s flexible and reliable workflow automation app gives you complete control over who has access and editing permissions to every document and every template you create. Whether you want a whole team to have approval access or just one person, you can set it up in advance when building a template for that document type. 


Streamline team collaboration

Keep cross-functional collaboration running smoothly with enterprise workflow automation. Team leaders throughout your company can connect and offer real-time feedback on document templates, so no document gets approved without cross-team approval.

Signing orders offer additional structure and security to your document workflows by ensuring your documents are approved by the right people in the proper order, so there’s no risk of miscommunication or confusion.

Team People

Include conditional approval statements

Some documents don’t need to be approved before they’re sent out unless unforeseen edits are required. With conditional approval statements, you can avoid unnecessary emails by only requiring an approval if something specific has been changed. Suppose someone on your team has entered a discount above a certain percentage. In that case, you can automatically have the document sent for review and approval.

Document Workflow Agreement

I love that PandaDoc integrates with Zoho CRM, looks great (we can put in a title page, branding), has a content library and templates that cut down on the time to create a proposal, and does online signature and even payments so we can collect a project fee or deposit as part of our approval process rather …

Len K

President, Small-Business

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Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

Frequently asked questions

What do approvals allow me to do?

Many documents require approvals from multiple people before they’re considered ready to send. Approval workflows let you set up an automated internal approval process that connects all necessary users with a document before it’s sent to the intended recipient. You can send business documents to internal team members both before and after the document is finalized by enabling signing orders and adding necessary coworkers as final recipients.

How do I set up an approval order?

Start by going into the PandaDoc template you’re using to create your document. You’ll see an ellipsis at the top of your template. Click that symbol, then click “Setup Workflow” and toggle “Approved” to the ‘on’ position.

A popup window with a list of the people in your organization will appear. Select anyone who needs to approve the final document or add a specific approval group to send to  an entire team at once. 

How does a document get approved?

If you turn on document approvals and assign someone to approve them, then the approval process begins as soon as the document creation process is done. After the document is created and the approval workflow is enabled, the approver will automatically receive a notification email with a link to the document.

PandaDoc’s document workflow approval software allows the approver to immediately view the document and determine whether to approve or reject it. They can also provide additional feedback, edits, or comments directly within the document so the creator can easily make adjustments. If the document is approved, the approver can also forward it to other approvers or to the final recipient. 

Once a document is approved, what happens?

What happens after a document is approved is entirely up to you. You can choose whether document approval automatically sends the document to the final recipient or if the person who created the document should be notified first. This gives you complete flexibility and control over what happens with your document after it has been created, approved, or sent. Unlike with other open source approval workflow software options, you can make sure your workflow is entirely secure from end to end.

Can I customize approvals in different documents?

Yes, you can select specific, custom approval designations in every document and template you create. With PandaDoc’s approval routing software, you can avoid complicated approval processes or accidentally sending documents to the wrong recipient.

To customize approval workflows, repeat the process to set up an approval order. You can designate as many approvers as needed. 

What if someone is out of the office when an approval is needed?

PandaDoc’s cloud-based workflow software makes it easier than ever to get documents approved. If your designated approver is out of the office when an important document needs to be reviewed and approved, it’s no problem at all. They can review and approve documents in real-time from any device, anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.