Approval workflow software

Accelerate your business processes to streamline how you designate approvers, create signing orders, and deliver documents. Create custom roles to control your documents.

Approval workflow software
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Say goodbye to manual approval processes

Real-time approval workflow

By enabling Approval Workflows inside of PandaDoc, you can designate a list of approvers to ensure your documents are error-free and ready to be sent. Designated approvers are notified the moment it’s their turn to review.

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Customized approval processes

Create custom roles with PandaDoc’s workflow approval software giving you complete control over who has access and editing permissions to your documents and templates.


Automated approver groups

Automatically add approver groups to a document template so you don’t have to add individual approvers each time. This helps make the approval process even faster, designating approvers for each template in seconds.

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Improve cross-team collaboration

With PandaDoc marketing, sales, and legal leaders can ensure that every template and document goes through them before it gets sent out. Documents can even be approved in the correct order all from a mobile device.

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Manage discounting with conditional approvals

Keeping track of discounts and deal amounts is easy with PandaDoc’s conditional approvals feature. Set up a condition to require approval from a manager for a grand total or a line item discount. If someone one your team is discounting beyond a certain % a document can automatically be sent to an approver before it’s finalized.

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Frequently asked questions

What do Approvals allow me to do?

Approvals allow you to set up an internal approval process with one or multiple users who are approving documents prior to them being sent out to clients or prospects. If you have internal people who need to receive the document after it is sent out, you should add them as the final recipient to the document and turn on your signing order.

How do I set up an Approval order?

Go into the template you’re using to create a document. Click the ellipsis icon at the top of your template, and select “Setup Workflow.” Toggle the Approved section of your workflow to “on.” In the pop-up window add whomever needs to be listed as an approver. You can also add an approval group so that anyone from that team can approve your document.

How does a document get approved?

Once a document is created, the creator will send it for approval before it’s sent to the final recipient. The approver will receive the notification email and they can open the document. They can then either approve or reject, and also provide additional comments for the document creator. Once approved, the document can be sent to the recipient.