Work with docs that practically assemble themselves

By using Smart Content, you’ll ensure the right information is always added to every document, while minimizing mistakes every step of the way.

Work with docs that practically assemble themselves

Save time creating documents

Set rules that automatically update the content or fields to your customers’ needs. Tailor docs to recipient use cases, industry and company size.

“I used to have writing proposals and procrastinate until the 9th hour but now that I have PandaDoc, I really do create my proposals in minimal time. Source: G2”

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Maintain consistency while you customize

Make documents specific to your business relationships without letting important details fall through the cracks. Placeholders help guide your team to choose the pieces of content like case studies, that are most relevant to the recipient.

“PandaDoc is great for building dynamic proposal templates and pitch decks. New documents can be created directly from these templates, making customization easy and efficient. Source: TrustRadius”

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Minimize mistakes by pre-selecting items

Ensure the right info is easily added to documents without spending time searching for content. Deliver flawless documents every time in a single template that can accommodate different content for different recipients.

“By using PandaDoc, we took a very manual, labor-intensive process and automated 95% of the proposal creation process that we go through. Source: TrustRadius”

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See how Smart Content can make a difference with your documents

Key features that’ll refine your document workflows


Eliminate cases of missing information by reminding your team what to include.

Preselected content

Help your team select the content that’s most relevant to the customer.

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Conditional content

Create templates with rules that automatically adapt content to your customers’ needs, while the sender generates the document.

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Conditional fields

Help recipients navigate through documents easily, while you simultaneously improve the quality of data collection.

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Customize with confidence

Customized documents

Automatically create unique documents. Generate bespoke documents that take into consideration the recipient’s characteristics, like the currency they use. Plus, you can apply different taxes and discounts depending on the country or state, as well as insert what’s included in the service for that specific geography.

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Customer validation and proof points

Show case studies that matter. Having lots of customer stories is good, but they don’t always fit all kinds of businesses. By being too generic, often they go unnoticed. With Smart Content your clients will be seeing case studies from their vertical, and so they’ll know that their peers in the industry are vouching for you

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Employee hiring and onboarding

Enhance new hire experiences. For interviewing and hiring different employees, you can set up different rules based on what position the person is applying for. The first page, which is the same for everyone, can be filled out by the HR professional, and then the document branches off based on details of the position, such as department, title,hourly vs. salary, etc.

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Ensure document compliance. Automatically insert all the required legal clauses and other information based on the recipient’s geographical location, so you don’t have to worry about whether your document is valid.

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