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Revenue River is a digital marketing and sales agency in Colorado and New York. They believe in operating on the razor's edge of digital tactics and technologies to provide solutions for their global client base.

The Problem

Revenue River helps organizations align and connect technology towards meaningful results. When they looked at their own sales process, they saw a clear opportunity to practice what they preach.

Their sales team was creating client-facing documents in Word, uploading them into HelloSign and sending them out for a signature. Then, the waiting game began. Reps had no idea how clients were interacting with their proposals and contracts.

The proposals themselves left a lot to be desired. The unattractive document lacked resources like imagery, video, integrated pricing tables, and client success stories. When it came down to it, they couldn’t quite capture the value proposition that the team at Revenue River brought to the table. Their marketing team built lots of great videos and well-designed content that was being underutilized in their proposals.

The Solution

Eric Pratt, the managing partner at Revenue River, was already exploring options to optimize their closing process when he found PandaDoc at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference. He was intrigued not only by the internal solution PandaDoc provided but also as a solution he could offer to clients as part of the PandaDoc partnership program.

“PandaDoc is the single source for sales process and presentation domination.” Eric Pratt, Managing Partner

Eric and his team worked with our onboarding specialists and were up and running with PandaDoc in less than a month. They built out templates ensuring standard language and terms would be consistent while leaving flexibility for reps to incorporate marketing collateral.

By using the content library feature, each proposal is customized by easily dragging and dropping approved marketing collateral right into the document. Clients now receive interactive, design-rich proposals including video testimonials and case studies highlighting Revenue River’s expertise.

The Results

Revenue River’s new sales process with PandaDoc is a significant advancement over their previous process.  At anytime Eric can log into the PandaDoc dashboard and understand precisely what documents have been sent out, which are waiting to be signed, and which ones are completed. This visibility is empowering, allowing Eric and the rest of the team insights into outstanding items and status that didn’t exist previously.

Additionally, they can use their marketing collateral throughout their sales process, ensuring that their value proposition is clearly established.

Over their first 12 months since implementing PandaDoc, Revenue River has realized some amazing lift across all metrics within the sales cycle:

  • 223% increase in closed-won revenue
  • 45% increase in the number of deals closed
  • 56% increase in the number of deals created

“PandaDoc has changed the way we go to market as an agency. The ability to layer into our proposals dynamic elements to illustrate experience and expertise has made all the difference.” said Pratt

On top of speeding up their sales cycle, improving sales and marketing alignment, reducing laborious deal tracking, and blowing up their sales numbers, Revenue River has added an extra income stream to their business by becoming a PandaDoc partner. Revenue River empowers their clients to achieve similar sales boosting results that they have by referring PandaDoc. Now it’s easier than ever to help their clients with what they do best: moving the revenue needle forward as efficiently as possible.