Streamline collaboration with Workspaces

Organize content across multiple projects and teams.

Streamline collaboration with Workspaces

Workspaces will simplify your workflows

Distribute content quickly

Create multiple, fully-customizable workspaces in minutes. Switch between them seamlessly to track progress.

Switch Workspace

Keep content organized

Folders and tags help you get the job done. Plus, prevent unwanted edits by creating custom roles and permissions within each workspace.

Organized Content

Customize workspaces to fit your teams’ needs

Increase productivity, with helpful tools such as templates. Catalog items and reporting. You can even brand workspaces to simplify navigation.

Customize Workspace

Keep sensitive documents safe

Add new users by invitation only to prevent unwanted access to documents. Set various roles and permissions separately for members of each workspace.

Invite User Safe
Switch Workspace
Teams can count on Workspaces to maximize productivity
Streamline the proposal creation process by organizing content and collaborating with stakeholders and customers within one environment.
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Keep all your employee data and related documents in one centralized place — safe and secure.
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Keep one-pagers, case studies, and proposals in folders. Use templates and integrations to spend less time on creating new documents.
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Customer Success
Deliver relevant, personalized documents throughout the entire lifecycle and free up your team to focus on what matters the most — your customers.
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Customer Success
Control how legal documents are managed and make sure they can be accessed by your team members according to respective roles and permissions.
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Create and collaborate on budget proposals, invoices, and financial statements. Invite people to collaborate and share data across departments and teams.
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Setup couldn’t be simpler

Create an account with PandaDoc

Sign up for PandaDoc and enjoy your 14-day trial. Start using the workspaces feature immediately as an add-on to your Business plan.

Customize your workspaces

Now that you’ve set up your account, go to Settings on the left sidebar and click Workspaces. Use this section to create different workspaces, change their names, add integrations and branding.

Add team members and assign roles

Go to Settings, then Teams, and invite new users by email or a link. Assign them roles and start working together.

Learn more about Workspaces

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in PandaDoc’s workspaces?

Each PandaDoc workspace comes with Home, Documents, Templates, Catalog Items, Contacts, and Reporting. These are the tools that will help you customize a workspace specifically for your team or project needs.

How do I manage a workspace?

Managing a workspace includes several essential steps. After you create a workspace, be sure you add a logo to be able to quickly differentiate workspaces afterward. Add new team members or invite those who are members of other workspaces. You can as well assign roles and permissions to define who can access and edit the content.

How can I switch between workspaces?

There are three ways you can do that. First option — the quickest one — click on your workspace title on the Home screen and select a relevant workspace. Second option — double click on the top left icon, then choose a workspace from the drop-down list. The third option — click on your picture or initials on the top right, and there you’ll see the option to switch between workspaces.

What roles can I assign to my team members?

There are four roles: admin, manager, member, and collaborator. By assigning them to users, you apply specific permissions within just one workspace. The same person can be a part of another workspace and have a different role there.

What plan do I need to purchase to create a workspace?

The workspaces feature is available on the Enterprise Plan and as an add-on for the Business Plan. Only an account owner can create workspaces. Contact our team for further details regarding the workspace feature.