Your one-stop solution for signing and getting paid

Unlock your online payment collection with PandaDoc. Our platform streamlines quotes to cash, boosting on-time payments by up to 90% while minimizing expensive errors and delighting customers.

Your one-stop solution for signing and getting paid

Get paid faster

Easily embed payment requests into proposals and quotes to keep your sales cycle rolling. Gateway setup is simple and recipients are prompted to pay right after they sign to avoid late payment hassles —all with automated reminders for a seamless, timely payment experience.

Ensure accuracy

Say goodbye to errors and manual handling with PandaDoc Payments. Seamlessly integrate payment gateways into your documents for efficient, error-free transactions.

Keep payments secure

Integrate with secure payment gateways such as Stripe, Square, Authorize, PayPal, Quickbooks Payments directly into your quote, so you can establish standardized procedures to minimize potential errors.

Provide flexible options

You have the freedom to initiate subscriptions seamlessly through quotes, pay in user-friendly installments by splitting payments in two, and schedule the second payment with personalized reminders.

Track payment status

Effortlessly monitor payment statuses within your documents and dashboard. Create polished invoices directly from PandaDoc and streamline your reconciliation process with seamless integration into major accounting softwares.

Your one-stop solution for signing and getting paid. Anywhere, anytime

Teams and departments

Teams and departments

With your books in good order, you can focus on growing your business.
Enterprise scale

Enterprise scale

Delegate finance tasks to your team while keeping full visibility and control.
Monique Petit

Integrating PandaDoc with our payment gateway has transformed the way we collect payments at Homebound. It helps us be more effective and create error-free transactions.

Michael Kitchen

PandaDoc Payments has revolutionized the way we handle transactions. With its seamless integration into our proposals, collecting payments has never been easier. We’ve been able to streamline our payment procedures, saving time and resources while enhancing our overall customer experience. It’s truly a game-changer for our business.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers

PandaDoc Payments is packed with features to make life easier for you and
your customers. If you have questions, please ask. Here are five questions
we’re frequently asked.

How does PandaDoc Payments work?

Getting started is simple. When creating your document using PandaDoc, add a payment block and integrate it with your preferred online payment gateway. Click here to learn more about PandaDoc Payments in general, and here for a step-by-step guide on setting up payments.

Is PandaDoc payment secure?

Yes, we work with payment processors you can trust. PandaDoc acts as a merchant service, seamlessly integrating with top payment gateways like Stripe,, Square, QuickBooks, and more. They are all security-focused and PCI DSS compliant, giving you complete peace of mind over your online payment processing. PandaDoc uses tokenization to protect payment information. Meanwhile, digital wallets allow you to store funds and track payment histories easily.

Which payment gateways does PandaDoc Payments connect with?

You can collect payments and request eSignatures directly from PandaDoc documents. With our payment integrations, your customers will automatically receive a payment request upon signing your proposal, quote, or contract. PandaDoc Payments currently integrates with Stripe,, Square, QuickBooks Payments, and PayPal, with more options being added over time. Check the payments available integrations here.

What payment options do I have with PandaDoc?

PandaDoc Payments offers versatile payment options, enabling the collection of one-time, recurring, and installment payments directly within quotes and documents. Our platform empowers customers to split payments into multiple parts for added convenience. Furthermore, we streamline the payment process by sending timely reminders to ensure prompt payments. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to initiate subscriptions or request one-time payments effortlessly through a pricing table, quote, or by inserting a custom amount.

How does PandaDoc Payments minimize errors of my collection process?

PandaDoc Payments minimizes errors by providing a seamless and integrated platform for payment processing within documents. This integration reduces the need for manual data entry and ensures accuracy throughout the payment process. Additionally, features such as automated reminders and notifications help to keep payments on track and reduce the likelihood of late payments.

Faster, easier, secure —
the new PandaDoc Payments

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