Collect ACH payments directly from contracts and quotes

Get secure ACH payment processing with PandaDoc.

Collect ACH payments directly from contracts and quotes

Processing done quickly and securely

Accept payments with just a few clicks

Setting up ACH payments is easy. Connect Stripe to your PandaDoc account, add the banking transfer method to your document and wait until a customer pays you. Clients can expect a quick and seamless payment process.

Stripe Payments

Enjoy low-cost transaction fees

ACH payments help you streamline the entire process compared to credit cards or paper checks. That can add up to significant long-term savings.

Low Cost Fees

Enable recurring payments

Set up ACH payments one time and you’re good to go for recurring billing on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Recurring Payments

Automate your collection process

You’ll never need to worry about your next payment. Once you ensure that the bank transfer method is enabled and recurring payments are set up, you’ll receive email notifications every time your customer pays you.

Payment Submitted
Stripe Payments
Where to use ACH payments
Collect payments from your clients when they accept your proposal.
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Seamless transaction processes enable you to collect money directly from client contracts.
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You can accept bank transfers from your paid invoices in just a few clicks.
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By offering the ACH payment option in your quotes, customers have the ability to make secure payments in seconds.
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Setup couldn’t be simpler

Connect your Stripe account to PandaDoc

Go to Settings in your PandaDoc account, then click API & Integrations and select Stripe. Create an account or sign in to an existing one.

Add Bank Transfer as a payment method

Once you’ve created a document, click Apps on the right panel and then Payment. You will get a window with payment methods. Select Bank Transfer.

Send a document and collect payment

Assign the payer, set a payment amount, and send a document to a customer. Once they sign it, they’ll receive a payment request automatically.

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Frequently asked questions

What does “ACH payment” mean?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House payment. It’s used for electronic payments and money transfers from one bank account to another. The transfer comes without a need for a paper check, credit card or wire transfer.

How long does an ACH transfer take?

ACH payments take up to seven business days to be reflected in your Stripe account’s available balance.

How do I set up recurring ACH payments?

In order to set up recurring charges and collect them via Stripe, use a quote builder available as part of the PandaDoc CPQ add-on. In your PandaDoc account, connect Stripe to PandaDoc. Then, add a product with a recurring price to the catalog. There are three options available for recurring billing: Weekly, Monthly, and Annually. After that, add a payment app to your document and choose the payer. Finally, select a quote and send the document.

I use another gateway payment option. Can I switch it to Stripe?

Yes, and it’s easy to do so. Go to Settings in your PandaDoc account -> API & Integrations -> Find Stripe. Select the integration, then click Connect. Create a Stripe account or sign in into an existing one. You’ll see a confirmation that the authentication has been successful. Going forward, when adding a payment to your document, you’ll have Stripe as your primary payment option.

Is PandaDoc’s payment collection software secure?

Yes, PandaDoc only works with trustworthy payment processors like Stripe,, Square, QuickBooks, and more. PandaDoc uses tokenization to protect payment information.