Simple, fast, and accurate quoting software

Our simple quoting software adds powerful CPQ functionality to your CRM. PandaDoc allowing your team to create, send, track, and eSign quotes in no time and from one place.

No credit card required

Why PandaDoc

How our quoting software can help

Create error-free quotes

The product catalog gives quote creators the power to generate custom error-free quotes in minutes. Customize your proposal software catalog by specifying quantities, an SKU number, product name, and description, and you can even add an image.

Create error-free quotes

Make your quote do the selling

Our robust pricing table software practically does your work for you. Give your prospects and customers the power of choice with optional items, line item discounts, editable quantities, and multiple choice selection. We’ll even auto calculate totals and taxes too.

Make your quote do the selling

Get paid faster

Speaking of integrations, our secure Stripe integration allows your quote recipient to pay via credit card or ACH as soon as they sign. Just connect your bank details to your Stripe software account and let the cash flow. You can even send auto follow up reminders to customers when they have an invoice due.

Get paid faster

A single quoting solution

We built our quoting software so that it’s the only tool you’ll need to send and sign sales quotes. Each quote includes legally-binding, ESIGN, and UETA compliant eSignatures. And the best part is your clients can sign for free from any device using our electronic signature software.

A single quoting solution

No need to sit and wait

No truer statement that time is money. Our detailed contract management software analytics show you in real-time when your recipient opened, viewed, and completed your quote. Also, see how long they spent analyzing certain pages of your quote and track them from our mobile app.

No need to sit and wait

Easy team collaboration

Sales managers no longer have to worry about over-discounting with automated approval workflows. And they can monitor quote performance in our quoting software with our detailed team performance and content usage reporting.

Easy team collaboration

On average our customers report

The success you can expect by using PandaDoc quoting software

per week saved
12 h
decrease in doc creation time
increase in close rate
increase in average sale price

Your CRM + PandaDoc = a powerful combination

Our customers greatly reduce their busy work when they implement PandaDoc across their entire organization. This is partially due to the products and solutions PandaDoc integrates with. PandaDoc offers more than a dozen integrations with tools like CRMs, invoicing solutions and payment systems. Meaning you can build and send a quote, automatically collect payments and send PDF proposal copies to your cloud storage account in one seamless workflow.

  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Copper
  • Zoho
  • Pipedrive
  • Base

Every member of the team benefits from PandaDoc

Bring sales and marketing together for true smarketing balance

Bring sales and marketing together for true smarketing balance

Sales leaders

Our robust software reporting helps you to track performance metrics of the quotes your sales team sends and identify blockers in your sales process.

Sales reps

Spend more time selling and less time completing mundane tasks. PandaDoc quoting software integrates with the tools you use every day so you can crank out quotes fast.

Marketing managers

Standardizing, sharing, and storing pre-approved content can be a debilitating process. An organized custom content library makes quoting procedures and processes painless.

Sales operations

Efficiency is your middle name, so create a perfect software workflow by combining similar tools into one. Not only will your cross-functional teams save time but they’ll thank you immensely.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Instead of using a CRM, you can use the PandaDoc catalog to store your frequently used products or services and merge them into a pricing table. When you create your catalog item you can designate specific details like SKU, product name, price, cost, and even a brief description. We will auto-suggest your most frequently used items to make quoting a breeze.
Use the pricing table block when you want to create a pricing table in your quote. When you add the block to your quote, you can customize the item name, description, quantities, and price of each line item. You can also add items from your catalog or CRM integration right into the pricing table and even set a default currency.
As we mentioned, the biggest contributor to eliminating errors is importing info from the catalog or your CRM right into the pricing table. The pricing table block can also auto-calculate taxes, discounts, and any additional multipliers. We also calculate cost and profit margins so you know where your business stands. Leave the math to us.
Yes, each PandaDoc plan includes legally-binding eSignatures. This streamlines your quoting process by giving you the ability to collect a signature from your customer on every quote from any device. No need for physical signatures or to purchase another tool.
PandaDoc includes quote analytics that allows you to see when and how many times your quote was opened and viewed by your recipient. You will also receive detailed document analytics into how your recipient interacted with your quote, allowing you to close deals faster.