PandaDoc Quotes

  • Integrations with leading CRM platforms
  • Automated quote configuration
  • Reusable template libraries
  • Legally-binding electronic signatures
  • Secure credit card payments inside your quotes

More than 6,000 companies trust PandaDoc

Who Uses PandaDoc

Sales Managers

  • Reduce the time your team spends preparing quotes.
  • Streamline your quote-to-cash process with electronic signatures and in-quote credit card payments.
  • Track the progress of every quote your team sends from a central dashboard.

Sales Reps

  • Create detailed, accurate quotes in just one click.
  • Know when to follow up with document analytics.
  • Close deals faster with electronic signatures.

Happy Customers

  • Sign quotes on any computer or mobile device.
  • Pay for goods and services right inside your quotes.
  • No special hardware or software necessary to view and sign quotes.

Why PandaDoc

Works with your CRM

PandaDoc integrates with more than 30 of today’s most popular business software platforms, including every major CRM service.

PandaDoc is accessed right inside your CRM, giving you powerful CPQ functionality without leaving the software your team is already using.

Advanced Quote Analytics

PandaDoc’s document analytics make it easier than ever to track the progress of every quote. Once you’ve sent a quote to a client, document analytics show you when a customer opens, views, and signs.

Less Time Preparing Quotes

PandaDoc is built to streamline your sales process. When you create a quote inside your CRM, key opportunity details are automatically transferred to the quote, including: Customer Details, Product Information, Pricing.

Once you’ve sent a quote, analytics allow you to track client interactions and signatures, so that you know when to follow up with each prospect. Best of all, PandaDoc quotes can be signed from any computer or mobile device!

Built in Electronic Signature

Every PandaDoc subscription includes unlimited electronic signatures. PandaDoc’s electronic signatures are legally binding, and there’s no special software, hardware, or app required to sign.

Agency Revolution Increases Sales Productivity 800%+ with PandaDoc

Hayes Nelson Director of Sales, Agency Revolution
  • 3–4 proposals per week
  • 800+% productivity increase
  • 30 seconds contract close time

PandaDoc’s Quoting Software works right inside your CRM with our out-of-the-box integrations.

PandaDoc saves you time and money before you send a single quote.

We’ve designed the platform to be easier to customize and deploy than any other CPQ software. In fact, most of our clients are able to use PandaDoc to send quotes from their CRM within 24 hours of purchasing a subscription.

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