Intelligent CPQ software

Create, send, and eSign your quotes with CPQ software. Integrate with 14+ CRMs. Analyze which quotes perform the best to close more deals.

Intelligent CPQ software
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CPQ software to speed-up your sales cycle

Integrate your CRM

Plug PandaDoc into your CRM and change the way you quote with the most connected CPQ tool on the market. Powerful native integrations with 14 different CRMs can simplify and automate how you create, send, and eSign your quotes.

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Designed for inside and outside sales

Whether you’re out in the field, or working remotely, your team can handle a high volume of sales requests and deliver accurate quotes anywhere. Pull customer and product data from your CRM and generate quotes for new orders in seconds.

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Quotes built quickly

PandaDoc is constructed to eliminate manual tasks and save you time. From one-click quote generation to automatic product sync from your CRM and built-in eSignatures — PandaDoc teams rave about how quickly they build quotes.

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CPQ analytics with real-time data

Not only do you get out-of-the-box analytics like page views and time spent viewing, PandaDoc’s customer analytics will tell you and your reps which quotes are performing the best so you can replicate your success and close more deals.

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Frequently asked questions

How does PandaDoc’s CPQ software save me time?

PandaDoc’s CPQ software allows sales reps to automatically pull together services and products from their CRM which ensures more accurate data, reduces errors, and allows reps to spend more time closing deals.

What makes PandaDoc CPQ software stand-out?

PandaDoc’s interactive pricing tables allow customers to select from multiple options, change quantities, and chat with you directly when reviewing a quote. This drastically reduces the back-and-forth and makes their experience far more convenient.

How can CPQ analytics help me and my team?

Engagement and usage details are tracked in real-time and you’ll receive a notification the instant your prospect opens, views, or eSigns a quote. This helps you know when you should reach out and what to discuss with your prospect.