PandaDoc CPQ software

PandaDoc includes Configure Price Quote (CPQ) functionality that makes sales easier, faster, and smarter.

PandaDoc CPQ software

Who uses PandaDoc CPQ software

Who uses PandaDoc CPQ software

Outside sales representatives

Take PandaDoc out in the field and deliver detailed, accurate quotes from anywhere. PandaDoc pulls customer and product data from your CRM and allows you to generate sales quotes for new orders in seconds. When a quote is signed, automated triggers notify your team to start fulfillment and can even send an invoice.

Inside sales reps

Does your team handle a high volume of inbound sales requests? PandaDoc Configure Price Quote functionality reduces the time it takes to prepare quotes down to mere minutes, eliminates errors, and adds a robust range of capabilities including responsive pricing tables and secure electronic signatures.

Small businesses

Need a more professional sales solution for your small business? PandaDoc CPQ software lets you prepare professional quotes that will blow your customers away without sitting in front of a computer for hours. Upgrade your company’s sales process without spending a ton of money or time.

Why PandaDoc?

Why choosing the PandaDoc Configure Price Quote software?

The CPQ function that loves your CRM

PandaDoc is the most connected CPQ tool on the market, offering out-of-the-box no additional cost integrations with more than a dozen CRM platforms (including SalesforceMicrosoft DynamicsPipedrive, and others). Plug PandaDoc into your CRM and change the way you quote for the better.

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From quote-to-cash in minutes

PandaDoc is an end-to-end CPQ solution that supports your entire quote-to-cash process. In addition to creating smarter quotes in less time inside your CRM, you can accept ACH and credit card payments from customers when they sign thanks to our integration with Stripe.

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Generate quotes in no time

Our CPQ solution is constructed for speed and simplicity. From one-click quote generation to automatic product sync from your CRM to built-in eSignatures, PandaDoc delivers speed in spades without adding complexity.


Manage your pipeline with CPQ analytics

Gain a deeper insight into the performance of individual reps and your entire sales team with PandaDoc analytics. You can track single quotes, see long-term trends related to quote generation and closed sales, and build a more accurate forecast with real-time pipeline data.