CPQ Software

Increase your close rates by up to 36% with powerful document solutions. Use PandaDoc’s CPQ software to increase productivity, enhance the customer experience, and save time by creating a fast and easy workflow.

CPQ Software
increase in completed docs
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increase in close rate

CPQ software to speed-up your sales cycle

Preset, build and close new deals with ease

Use Advanced Quotes to control and manage what your team will sell, by quickly pre-configuring the exact products and services they’ll need to take to market. 

Choose from over 750 done-for-you templates that are easy to customize or build your own template within PandaDoc. Simplify negotiations by gathering all important feedback directly within the document and editing with your team in real-time.

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Quotes that impress

PandaDoc can automatically take information from your company’s CRM to create accurate quotes in minutes so you and your team don’t waste valuable time on manual data entry. Interactive pricing tables allow recipients to instantly choose which package and optional products and services are best for them. Plus, as they increase the quantity of various items, you can offer them a discount based on quantity without digging through a pricing spreadsheet or manually calculating a discount.

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Collaborate with ease

Collaborate easily and in real-time with your internal and external partners. PandaDoc CPQ software allows you to work collaboratively inside your documents by editing simultaneously or gathering feedback directly within the doc. Customers and prospects always have an easy way to interact with you directly through shared documents. Our secure and compliant eSignature software solution makes it easy for coworkers, clients, and prospects to sign important documents from anywhere in the world on any device.

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CPQ analytics with real insight

Powerful integrations with 14+ CRMs, make it easy for you to get the complete picture of your deals, all the way from proposal to close. ‌

Take control of your deals and empower your team to make impactful decisions using opportunity insights. Real-time reporting and analytics on how customers engage with your document will help you see where your revenue may be getting stuck.

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Simple, fast payments

PandaDoc offers a hassle-free payment system to help all types of organizations collect payments easier and faster, reducing the average payment time to just 2 days. Once a document is signed, customers can pay online via their method of choice, including credit card, debit card, merchant account, PayPal, and more. 

PandaDoc integrates with secure merchant solutions including Quickbooks, PayPal, Stripe, and more to make sure your payments are submitted on-time and securely. 


Frequently asked questions

How does PandaDoc’s CPQ software save me time?

PandaDoc’s CPQ systems include hundreds of pre-designed templates that can pull important information right from your CRM. These templates can create beautiful, accurate, and personalized documents in a fraction of the time it takes to build them manually. Being able to collaborate across internal and external teams directly within the documents also saves time by keeping everyone on the same page, eliminating the delays and confusion caused by back-and-forth questions.

By eliminating tedious and manual tasks like data entry, tracking feedback, and building documents,PandaDoc’s CPQ system gives you back the time you need to focus on your business.

Is CPQ part of CRM?

CPQ, which stands for “configure, price, quote,” can complement any CRM solution when the two are integrated. CPQ software such as PandaDoc can use the information in your CRM system to automatically pull data, products, and services into documents, saving you time and headache.

What makes PandaDoc CPQ software unique?

PandaDoc offers several stand out features that set it apart from other CPQ software solutions, free CPQ software, or open source CPQ software options. The interactive pricing table is particularly innovative and user-friendly, giving customers a greater degree of choice. 

The interactive table allows customers to easily select the right product and quantity, and even engage with you directly to discuss changes if needed. The eSignature feature further reduces time spent negotiating, simplifying the entire customer experience.

How can CPQ analytics help me and my team?

PandaDoc’s CPQ analytics provide insight into exactly which documents are closing deals and engaging prospects, and which aren’t. This gives you a bird’s eye view into where your docs could use a bit of an update. Real-time notifications are also available for when recipients open, view, or comment on documents, allowing your team to react appropriately and quickly. 

How secure is PandaDoc’s CPQ software?

PandaDoc takes your privacy seriously. That’s why PandaDoc is SOC II Type II certified and compliant with ESIGN, UETA, GDPR, FERPA, and HIPAA guidelines. Our data centers are handled by Amazon AWS, so you can rest easy knowing your sensitive data is safe and protected.  

Where is PandaDoc CPQ software available?

PandaDoc’s CPQ software is available all over the globe. Our team members are internationally located too, so wherever you are in the world, we’re here to support you. For specific questions about whether we’re supported in your country, contact our sales representatives.