When a prospect sends you a request-to-quote, chances are they’ve made that same request to your competitors. In order to stand out and win big, traditional quoting methods won’t cut it.

They’ll only prolong the sales cycle with unnecessary obstacles, error-prone pricing spreadsheets, and disjointed document workflows.

It’s time to ditch those manual quoting processes that cause deals to disappear.

Count on using PandaDoc inside Salesforce CPQ to help you leave a lasting impression on customers and prospects, with fast, error-free quotes that are easy to build and hard to beat.

What is PandaDoc for Salesforce CPQ?

Quick Note: Our Salesforce CPQ integration is different from our Salesforce CRM integration. You can learn more about Salesforce CRM integration here.

Becoming familiar with Salesforce CPQ

It’s the configure, price, and quote tool that helps businesses provide accurate pricing within any given product configuration scenario.

These include bundling products and services, managing subscriptions, and offering complex discounts.

Salesforce CPQ will handle all the calculations associated with your deals.

When you finalize a price that works for both your customer and your bottom line, you can transfer that data into PandaDoc and impress your customers and prospects with content-rich quotes tailored to their unique needs.

The benefits of using PandaDoc inside Salesforce CPQ:

Win more deals with impressive quotes

Create standardized templates, use drag-and-drop e-signature blocks, embed rich media, and upload product screenshots to gain a competitive edge.

Minimize expensive errors

Maintain control throughout the entire sales process by taking advantage of content-locking capabilities and automatic sync between PandaDoc and Salesforce CPQ.

Share quotes in minutes minus the paperwork

PandaDoc helps you create documents automatically right from Salesforce CPQ, saving you time by reducing the need for manual data entry.

Here’s an example of how it’s done:

Let’s say you’re a Software Account Executive. After a successful demo, you’re ready to create and send a quote to your prospect, who indicates an interest in 40 user licenses plus the onboarding and premium support add-ons.

Now, you can use Salesforce CPQ to pre-configure a pricing rule that offers a bundle deal when a prospect wants to purchase both onboarding and premium support.

From there, you’ll be able to open up the PandaDoc tab and create a beautiful, personalized quote with custom pricing.

Once you hit send, you can monitor your deal’s progress using advanced document tracking to see when someone opens, comments on, and e-signs your documents. All without leaving Salesforce CPQ.


Before integrating PandaDoc with Salesforce CPQ, businesses had to rely on antiquated systems to house product and pricing info that’s essential for accurate quotes.

These legacy processes ultimately delayed the time-to-quote, resulting in boring, static PDF documents filled with errors as well as rejections.

By adding PandaDoc to the mix, you have the ability to drive revenue even faster.

Check out this helpful guide to learn more about the PandaDoc for Salesforce CPQ integration.

Ready to start? Visit the Salesforce AppExchange to install the PandaDoc app today.



PandaDoc for Salesforce CPQ is available as a paid add-on for our business and enterprise plan users. Salesforce CRM integration is sold separately.