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Crosscard is a leader in European digital issuing solutions, offering products across B2B & B2C. Crosscard’s business products are an easy, secure, and cost-effective way for companies to manage their finances.

reduction in contract generation time
reduction in contract review cycle

The problem

Crosscard’s sales team was dependent on manually sending PDF proposals and contracts via email to their potential customers. This created several challenges. Since Crosscard sells to enterprises, the proposals and contracts involved are often lengthy, complex, and require legal review on both sides. The current process resulted in long sales cycles, with Crosscard’s legal team even having to send documents back if a customer had written something illegibly. 

Another challenge unique to a financial company like Crosscard is the strict compliance regulations. Crosscard has to ensure customers answer important financial questions correctly and completely and keep accurate records. They were dependent on their reps to enter this information into a CRM, which was time-consuming and could not ensure 100% accuracy. 

The solution

Sidd H, Sales Enablement Manager at Crosscard, knew their proposal & contract process could be improved for both their reps and future customers. They evaluated several solutions, including HelloSign and DocuSign, but ultimately PandaDoc’s unique combination of features, integrations, and price proved to be the best choice.

Proposals and contracts were templatized inside PandaDoc, ensuring reps were able to generate these documents quickly. PandaDoc’s eSignature and actionable fields ensured customers were required to answer all questions and in the appropriate format much quicker. PandaDoc’s integration with HubSpot enabled the CrossCard team to instantly pull in important customer information and ensure documents were accurate and professional. 

Taking it a step further, they leveraged PandaDoc’s automation capabilities with Zapier and webhooks to ensure customer responses inside their PandaDocs synced to HubSpot CRM, helping address their compliance burdens. Zapier was also used to create a backup of all documents for the legal team to review in Google Drive. 

The results

After implementing PandaDoc, the Crosscard team was able to improve their sales workflow in multiple areas. Contract generation went from 10 minutes to less than a minute. Previously, contracts would take 10 days before being completed. Now contracts are typically returned within 2-5 days. Another benefit has been the syncing of customer data from contracts back into HubSpot CRM. It has saved their reps from manual data entry, and the automated flow of complete and consistent data has allowed Crosscard to fill in the gaps in their go-to-market strategy. 

When asked if PandaDoc has been a positive experience, Sidd replied:

“Every year, we evaluate the tools we have if we need to replace them or not. PandaDoc is the only tool which we retained.”

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