Previous software used
Apple Pages
CRM used
HubSpot CRM

Bonusly is a B2B software company helping small and large organizations reduce turnover by fostering peer-to-peer recognition to celebrate success every day. Bonusly provides unprecedented insights into the strengths, relationships, and accomplishments of every team member at companies around the world.

hours saved per week per employee
eduction in document creation time
manual tasks automated

The problem

Emily runs sales enablement at Bonusly and knew there had to be a way to streamline all of their manual document processes. The sales and customer success teams had the right idea to use templates, but couldn’t implement an efficient standard process using their existing tools.

Reps would use a general template created in Apple Pages that would then have to be manually filled with each client’s information. It was a time-consuming and laborious process that slowed their sales cycle. To save time, the sales team saved templates on their desktops, which meant they couldn’t make global updates all at once.

It got to the point where they had to ration their time and could only send more personalized proposals to larger accounts. Bonusly prides itself on delighting its customers, and Emily knew that something had to be done in order to ensure a delightful buyer’s journey for every customer. Since Bonusly values employee happiness as well, it was also crucial that the sales team not feel bogged down by frustrating admin work.

“By helping our team work smarter and cut busy work, PandaDoc is even helping our employee productivity, engagement, and happiness.” Emily Ciavolino, Director of Sales at Bonusly

The solution

After an internet search, Emily discovered PandaDoc, started a free trial and found the platform intuitive to use. The fact that PandaDoc integrates with Bonusly’s CRM, HubSpot, and their accounting software, Xero, made the decision to join the Panda Family a no-brainer.

Now, when it’s time for Bonusly’s sales team to create a proposal for any account, specific client information transfers directly from HubSpot and the appropriate recipients are automatically added. Integrating PandaDoc to their CRM has eliminated the lengthy time it took to draft proposals and minimized the chance for potential human error.

With PandaDoc, Emily’s team only needs to click three times in order to send out a proposal for a signature that closes the deal and, most importantly, is delightful. Additionally, utilizing centralized templates in PandaDoc means that every rep is sending out the most current marketing content and legal terms and conditions.

The results

The sales and customer success teams now have plenty of time to create comprehensive and custom proposals for every client, while not worrying as much about administrative work. With PandaDoc, Bonusly now sends out three times as many contracts and proposals than before.

“One of our core values is “Delight the Customer,” and PandaDoc is just one way we bring that value to the sales process. In addition to being effortless for our sales reps, PandaDoc is effortless and engaging for our potential customers as well.” Emily Ciavolino, Director of Sales at Bonusly

The time to create winning proposals and contracts has decreased for the team by 70 percent, ensuring that their sales conversations move forward quickly and effortlessly.

By integrating several existing tools with PandaDoc, Emily and her team automated many tasks which had required manual workflows, saving an average of three hours per employee, per week. As a result, the Bonusly sales team is more engaged and focused on presenting its unique value to every client.

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