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Aprio Cloud includes a family of companies providing comprehensive business process outsourcing and financial services. They partner with clients to help them run the “business” behind their operations so they can focus on what they do best – whether it’s serving customers, educating students, caring for patients, or keeping communities moving forward.

The problem

Aprio Cloud’s HR department was operating with a lean team, the majority of their workforce working from home. The team hires hundreds of people monthly and were doing everything by paper. With COVID-19, it was impossible to get that many people into an office.  

Before the lockdown, Aprio Cloud was manually sending offer letters, onboarding paperwork, and company handbooks. Too much time was wasted between sending, collecting, printing, filing paperwork, and locating specific documents for audits. Aprio Cloud’s HR team now hires an average of 400 employees a month, and that number is growing.  They needed a better solution to support their HR department and improve their onboarding process to help them scale and keep up with the amount of work that had to be completed.  HR documents are already very sensitive, and Aprio Cloud is also a federal contractor so security was essential when choosing the right solution.  

“It was just an astronomical amount of paperwork and not to mention the human error behind it; scanning the wrong thing to the wrong person, losing an email, accidentally deleting an email.”  

The solution

Aprio Cloud’s IT department was working on implementing a solution that HR was looking to utilize too. A solution was identified, but they chose not to move forward because it was too expensive. 

Amanda R., Director of Talent and Acquisition, took it upon herself to research alternative solutions and discovered that PandaDoc fit their price point and needs. Her team already had a document management system and was looking for a solution to help sign and send forms, and PandaDoc checked each of Amanda’s must-haves.

Amanda saw a huge opportunity in being able to use PandaDoc to streamline Aprio Cloud’s onboarding process, mainly thanks to the Forms feature. She also saw the benefit of using PandaDoc’s insights to track the different hiring stages, from when a candidate opens their onboarding documents, to how long they reviewed those documents down to the real-time completion notifications. Aprio Cloud’s HR team now has full transparency over the entire document lifecycle down to the individual, allowing the team to be more precise.

With PandaDoc, Aprio Cloud is can keep their documents safe with the added benefit of efficiently transferring communication from department to department in a central location.  PandaDoc ensures that our security is parallel with industry standards and compliance.

The results

After implementing PandaDoc, Amanda and her HR team compared the amount of time they spent manually handling paperwork versus the time they now spend with digital documents and learned they are now saving about 40 hours a week. This new time savings doesn’t account for the amount of time they would typically spend just searching for paperwork.  

Being able to send documents electronically makes things significantly more manageable. Implementing PandaDoc “has freed up time for us to do other parts of our jobs that were neglected because we were inundated with paperwork.” 

PandaDoc has significantly improved Aprio Cloud’s ability to onboard new candidates faster, which is especially important when you can’t have people face to face in the office. With this improved onboarding process, the team can now focus on their large hiring pool and hire in mass quantities. 

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