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AxisCare is the innovative leader in the Home Care software industry. Their platform focuses on effective scheduling, payroll, and management within non-medical Home Care. They are a fast growing as a company because they have designed an easy-to-use, web-based tool that allows caretakers to focus on work instead of logistics.

reduction in document generation time
reduction in time to close

The problem

AxisCare is an innovative software platform that automates a lot of the problems of running a Home Care agency. When Beau joins the company in 2015, their own document process was manual and complicated. The documents would be built in Word, converted to PDF and sent to the client. Clients would need to print, scan, photograph, and go through a series of steps to complete the document. That is assuming the process did not get restarted if the agreement needed an edit or correction.

The sales process required a time to generate a proposal, fill out the individual’s details, and would take about 3-5 days of waiting to get the agreement back. This was cumbersome for AxisCare customers and kept the AxisCare sales team from working and closing as many deals as they wanted. Beau Daggett lead the search to help AxisCare modernize their sales process.

The solution

AxisCare needed a solution that was going to solve two major problems. The first was the time it took to prepare, send and manage documents for each Home Care agency they were prospecting. The second was to shorten the sales cycle by getting clients to sign the agreement soon after their demos when they were the most excited about AxisCare. Beau demoed a few document automation tools before deciding on PandaDoc.

“Our clients are busy smaller space, they are busy. Showing them that the signup  process for AxisCare is easy has been a great success.” Beau Dagget, Sales Executive

Fields and templates that were the key PandaDoc features for AxisCare. Documents can be personalized quickly from templates and sent out to an agency within minutes. Beau also started generating the documents live on the video demo with his clients reducing the number of questions he would get about proposals after they were sent. The signature and address fields made it very simple for clients to complete proposals quickly without errors and send them back without scanner/photographs.

“PandaDoc streamlines the mundane, allowing all parties to experience the joy of closing.” Beau Dagget, Sales Executive

The Results

Since adding PandaDoc, AxisCare has seen a dramatic difference in how quickly their deals are closing. Sometimes it occurs minutes after the document is sent with the average going from almost a week to 1-3 days. The lean sales team has been able to send proposals that are created during the sales call reducing extra work and keeping the process of closing fun for everyone involved. AxisCare reduced non-selling activities and busy work by making PandaDoc a core of their sales process. They eliminated the need for separate tools to generate, eSign, and store documents. AxisCare plans to continue using PandaDoc to manage their sales process as they continue to grow.

“When you look at how customizable it is and the flexibility of it, PandaDoc is worth it.” Beau Dagget, Sales Executive

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