Virtually Together makes an easy post-pandemic transition with PandaDoc

Virtually Together makes an easy post-pandemic transition with PandaDoc
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The Problem

Virtually Together is a company that was born out of the pandemic when people desperately wanted to be together but couldn’t. A customer-focused company, Virtually Together’s goal is to bring people together, boost morale, and create beautiful memories through virtual and in-person (or a mix of the two) formatted events. 

“Virtually Together is a business that specializes in virtual experiences for teams. We have now branched out to face-to-face. 99% of our clients are companies. The primary aim is to do something fun with their team where they connect together.” Kate Healy, Founder.

Virtually Together helps businesses and organizations address the wants and needs to connect and engage socially while online. Their activity offerings include food tasting, drawing, and art classes, along with other unique team-building events. In the end, the company’s ultimate goal is to build connections so that teams can work more effectively together. 

The challenge that Virtually Together faced entering the market during a pandemic was that they needed to generate awareness of the company. Currently, they struggle with the balance between virtual and in-person activities now that the world is easing back into normalcy, and wanting to see each other face-to-face. Because of this, their customer base and target market has shifted. The team is now hyper-focused on understanding how to find customers with remote teams who want to execute different experiences for their customers and employees. 

The Solution

To digitize their processes, Virtually Together made the transition from Microsoft Word to PandaDoc. They eliminated the need for their customers to print, sign, and scan documents for completion. Their team no longer had to worry about the tedious development of documents based on specific customer needs. PandaDoc also offered branding aesthetics that matched the company’s fun event experiences, which became a game-changer for their customer experience too. This digitization integrated several steps into one, thus making a one-stop-shop experience for their customers.

“The primary aim was to digitize [our process] and make the customer experience smooth. It looks more professional.” Kate Healy, Founder

The Results

Thanks to PandaDoc, the Virtually Together team has shortened its payment waiting time after receiving a customer’s request for an event. The automation of the payment process also allows the team to save time processing requests so they can quickly address the questions and concerns of a customer before an event or experience. Virtually Together can now breathe a little more easily because they have a consistent and professional document process and experience. Their customers can take it easy too. Any customer can now easily access important information relating to their event and have a more accessible and fast way to sign and send a payment for any upcoming event.

“PandaDoc definitely ensured faster processing of payments. It was normally three days, and we are now closer to one day. Our biggest benefits are from the client’s perspective. Simply the digital signature!” says Kate Healy, Founder.

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