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BoxCast is an easy, flexible live streaming platform that helps people connect with their communities and reach those who can’t attend events in person.

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increase in upgrades from proposals

The problem

Since BoxCast’s founding in 2013, they have used proposal software for their contracting and proposal needs. Although they achieved some level of consistency and automation, completing a contract was still a multiple-step process that was open to errors and not an ideal customer experience. 

“There were so many steps in the process before PandaDoc.” Kyle N., Sales Manager

BoxCast is a hardware and software company, offering multiple tiers of products and services. Their previous process required an account executive to create and sign off on a contract before reaching the customer. This process prolonged the sales cycle and took both time and resources away from bigger opportunities. 

The solution

By 2018, BoxCast knew it was time to upgrade their process. After the team explored  multiple options, PandaDoc was determined to be the best choice.

“We were blown away by how much easier it was to close a sale.” Kyle N., Sales Manager

Sales Manager Kyle N. said PandaDoc has helped BoxCast overhaul their proposal and contracting processes in three key areas:

  • Account executives can generate proposals and contracts for their accounts right from HubSpot, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Customer success managers can create upgrade proposals from BoxCast’s admin interface with the help of PandaDoc’s API, giving the team a fast and efficient workflow. 
  • BoxCast customers are now able to purchase select packages independently with PandaDoc’s API, automatically generating the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) required for checkout. This saves the BoxCast Sales team valuable time. 

“With PandaDoc, we’ve been able to save time, improve efficiency, and eliminate headaches.” Kyle N., Sales Manager

The results

Since BoxCast’s decision to integrate PandaDoc into their processes, they’ve seen remarkable results. 

“PandaDoc is an integral component of our sales workflow.” Kyle N., Sales Manager

They’ve created nearly twice as many proposals in half of the time since implementing PandaDoc, while doubling their proposal acceptance rate. 

BoxCast also leverages PandaDoc to create contracts for their referral partners and affiliates, with nearly 100 new partners being brought on. 

Perhaps most impressive of all, since January 2019, BoxCast has seen a 758% increase in upgrades from their proposals with PandaDoc.

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