Digital Brew
CRM used
Previous software used
Adobe InDesign
Solution PandaDoc

Digital Brew is an award-winning video production agency that specializes in digital marketing content. Digital Brew has been producing live-action and animated videos since their founding in 2011. Since then, Digital Brew has grown quickly and has an impressive client list including major brands like DraftKings, Gamefly, and Cisco.

hours saved per week per employee
increase in close rate
increase in client engagement

The problem

Digital Brew is an explainer video company. Their sales proposals needed to be visually engaging and personalized to the needs of each client. Their videos are all made directly for each client’s unique brand so the proposals all require heavy customization. Before PandaDoc, Michael and Amiet would spend 2-3 hours building each personalized proposal in Adobe InDesign.

After all this work, the proposal was sent to the client, but their sales cycle would drag on for weeks still. The Digital Brew team had no way of tracking documents after they were sent, and it wasn’t easy for their clients to complete proposals and return them. This process was outdated, inefficient, and was pulling Michael and Amiet away from other important matters for their agency. They went searching for a better way.

The solution

Digital Brew got demos of a few different proposal tools before ultimately going with PandaDoc. The difference was that PandaDoc made it easy for them to include video samples in their proposals, quickly personalize template proposals to the client’s needs, and integrated with their CRM – Pipedrive. PandaDoc replicated their existing proposals in PandaDoc format during their trial, and the PandaDoc team trained Digital Brew on how to create and customize templates quickly.

“The customer support has been outstanding. Whenever I have a question, I get a response by message or within the platform within minutes.” Amiet Gill, Business Development Manager

PandaDoc also provided an upgrade to the Digital Brew sales process. Michael and Amiet used to handle client calls without visual aids, which is difficult when your work relies so heavily on aesthetics. With PandaDoc, Michael and Amiet are able to give dynamic sales presentations with videos built-in. The sales process is now much more engaging, with most of the client’s potential questions answered in the first conversation. PandaDoc provided Digital Brew with more than simple document automation — PandaDoc changed the way Digital Brew sold their services.

“When we used to have a call, we used to use just our voices and website. Now we go through a customized document form with them, which only takes minutes. People are consistently blown away by our presentations.” Michael Cardwell, Founder

The results

Digital Brew has been using PandaDoc for over a year now, and have achieved some pretty fantastic results for their video production agency. Their sales staff now saves 10 hours per person every week compared to their old process. Proposals are generated in minutes, instead of the 2-3 hours they were taking with InDesign. Videos are shown right on their sales calls.

“We used to never know when we emailed a proposal if they opened it. With PandaDoc, we know when they opened it. We know how long they are in there. We know what they are looking at. If they opened it up multiple times, we can see that, gauge their interest, and know when to follow-up.” Michael Cardwell, Founder

Their sales cycle shrunk dramatically, with deals now closing much faster. They now occasionally get 1-call closes as the new sales presentation manages to answer all of the clients questions during the first conversation. They’ve also seen a 20% increase in close rates on their deals, as their sales presentation is much more engaging and creates more connection with Digital Brew’s brand and vision.

Digital Brew is continuing to find creative uses for PandaDoc as they grow into a leader in modern video production. They have recently decided to join the PandaDoc partnership program to help their clients improve their document and sales processes.

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