Interlace Health cuts down proposal creation time by 85%

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Since Interlace Health’s founding in 1992, their goal has been to transform healthcare processes from the inside out, using their existing systems, and customizing solutions to each organization’s needs. They measure their success by the time and money their clients save, and the ease with which they can carry out everyday tasks. Interlace Health enables organizations to stop struggling with inefficient systems and focus more on providing quality patient care.

The problem 

We spoke with Pat Murphy, VP of Sales and Strategy, who has been with Interlace Health for about 10 years. They had several different processes over the years, all of which have been very manual and centered around Microsoft Word and other PDF-type documents.

The Interlace Health sales team was manually creating each proposal which was time-consuming and sometimes error-prone. Pat found himself spending countless hours approving and editing proposals and was looking for a way to make it easier for him and his team.

The solution

One of their top goals was to automate their sales process and bring consistency to their proposals, quotes, and content. That’s where PandaDoc came in.

Interlace began using PandaDoc in March of 2021 and started with their sales department. PandaDoc has been key in streamlining their proposal process. It has created better documentation in their CRM and consistency across proposals. PandaDoc also gave them visibility into when customers were viewing (or not viewing) their sales documents, enabling them to better follow up. 

“When it comes to document creation, templates have been the biggest impact so far.” Pat Murphy, VP of Sales and Strategy

It gives them a common standard and the opportunity to deliver more valuable content during the proposal process. PandaDoc gave them the ability to create one polished template with links to additional content like websites, case studies, demo videos, and more.

The results

Pat and his team found PandaDoc easy to learn and to use. His team required minimal training and the creation of templates has made it simple to generate new proposals.

“Depending on the solution, it could take a couple of hours to generate a proposal prior to implementing PandaDoc. Now, it may take on average 10 to 20 minutes.”

PandaDoc’s integration with Salesforce allowed them to get set up very quickly. They initiate all of their proposals from Salesforce which loads the appropriate contact, name of the account, and then populates the products they’re quoting. The sales team is able to create, send, track, and eSign all of their business documents without ever leaving Salesforce. 

Interlace is now able to avoid the back and forth emails and more effectively collaborate on specific proposals. PandaDoc also provides them with an audit trail of proposal approvals.

The Interlace team has also recently started using PandaDoc Forms as part of their discovery strategy as a “pre-discovery call survey”.  

Prior to their discovery calls, they now send the survey to their customers via email containing a generated link. By implementing this new process, they have gained better consistency by standardizing questions and receiving better background information from their customers, resulting in more successful discovery calls.  

Pat and his team are continuing to find ways to automate their processes and next will be automating their contracts.

“I think PandaDoc was the right choice for us. Other systems we evaluated seemed to have more limitations than PandaDoc’s. I can only speak from our use case for proposals and we went live pretty quickly compared to other projects, and we are now fully converted and haven’t found a need to revert to our manual process. I’m happy with the selection we made.“ Pat Murphy, Sr. VP of Sales and Strategy.

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