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RadialSpark is a software development and consulting firm specializing in building and deploying custom Salesforce solutions for SMBs and Enterprise Firms. Their team works with business clients to extend Salesforce’s native functionality by building bespoke data and platform integrations not natively supported by the Salesforce platform.

Michael Rockford, RadialSpark’s co-founder, and CEO spearheads the team’s mission to be the leading firm for organizations who want to benefit from seamlessly integrated business applications.

increased close rate
reduced document errors
days reduced document creation time

The problem

RadialSpark’s sales process involves a number of documents, including proposals, SOWs, NDAs, and master service agreements. Without a digital document solution in place, RadialSpark’s sales consultants were forced to rely on PDF documents, which led to issues with document versioning, workflows, and completion.

The solution

Michael recognized the opportunity to improve RadialSpark’s document processes with a digital document platform. The RadialSpark team has years of experience working with every PandaDoc competitor on the market during client projects, but Michael felt that none of those products came close to the soup-to-nuts solution that PandaDoc delivers.

RadialSpark migrated their entire document process to PandaDoc, creating a convenient tool where documents are stored, created, completed, sent, and signed. Their use of PandaDoc has allowed them to streamline the entire sales process from start to finish.

The results

PandaDoc has helped RadialSpark increase their close rate by 20%. Documents that once took days to create are now created and sent in less than an hour, resulting in a faster sales process, driving down the average days to close across the sales organization. Using PandaDoc also led to fewer revisions per contract due to eliminated document errors and increased compliance. Additional, through the use of the PandaDoc Stripe integration, RadialSpark is now able to accept up-front payments as part of a seamless document process, removing a common project roadblock and increasing client satisfaction.

This revamped document process has made it easier for Michael to scale his business during a period of aggressive growth. Having one cloud-based digital document solution makes it easier than ever to train and manage sales consultants in remote offices. As a result, RadialSpark can recruit, hire, and train the best consultants in the industry without worrying about an overly complex document process hindering performance.

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