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Velvetech is a software development firm that specializes in the development of software platforms featuring real-time data and analytics, task automation, CRM implementation, process optimization, technology integration, compliance, and more. They operate in a variety of industries in mid-size markets to create custom solutions for their clients

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The problem

The Velvetech team is no stranger to solving complex business problems. Each business they work with has specific needs and desired outcomes to the issues they face. Velvetech makes sure those outcomes are achieved as simply as possible for their clients. When it came to their own sales process, they knew there was room for improvement.

Their team would have productive conversations with prospects, hang up the phone, and then prepare to run the document gauntlet. Sending out documents for next steps, whether it was a proposal or contract, was a significant speed bump in their sales process.

Starting with Word templates that were stored in an internal wiki, reps would have to ensure they had the right version of the document to download. Then would come the inevitable waterfall of copy and pasting data from CRM to a proposal.

Due to so many potential areas of human error, they had extensive internal review and approval processes. Velvetech wanted to ensure that everything the client receives was accurate, but often this came at the expense of being timely. Deals could drop off or be poached by competitors.

Finally, after the document was sent, they had no way to determine how their prospects were interacting with the document. Customers could edit terms that were hard to track, and at the end of it all, there was no convenient way for them to sign.

The solution

Velvetech initially evaluated PandaDoc as an opportunity to form a reseller partnership, using the platform to assist their clients. After reviewing the PandaDoc partnership program, they realized that not only did it make sense for many of their clients, they could utilize PandaDoc internally to improve their own processes.

“PandaDoc made our proposals look more professional, so clients are more willing to sign, and signing takes them only a few seconds.” Maria Gorokhova, Product Manager

PandaDoc replaced Velvetech entire process for transacting with their clients. Now their templates are stored centrally within PandaDoc which is also the same place they draft specific client documents. No longer is there a back and forth between tools and gaps for outdated template versions to be used.

Gone are the days of copy and pasting as well. Being integration specialists, Velvetech built an integration between their CRM, bpm’online, and PandaDoc. Now their reps create proposals and contracts through PandaDoc all within their CRM in one click. Utilizing the PandaDoc tokens feature, all client data is auto-filled into a well-designed template and sent out in a matter of minutes.

“My favorite feature is tokens because it allows completion of the important information quickly and minimizes errors.” Maria Gorokhova, Product Manager

Approval workflows kick-in once the rep sends out the document. After making the internal rounds quickly and once approved by all stakeholders, the document is automatically sent to the client. Once the client receives the document, notifications are sent back to the team at Velvetech who can then take actionable steps and comment on the document in real time to answer any customer questions and move the deal forward.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the client can quickly sign with the legally binding eSignature baked right into PandaDoc.

The results

It’s hard for the team at Velvetech to imagine the days of closing deals before PandaDoc. Across the board proposal generation time is down by 65%, saving each rep an average of four hours each week.

“The integration with bpm’online helps us to create proposals within minutes because all it takes now is just to click the button and check if all the tokens are completed. Then we click “Send” and that’s it.”

The entire transactional process has had a weight lifted from it. More professional documents, reduced mistakes and time to send out documents has made prospects more likely to sign.

Partnering with PandaDoc has benefitted their client base and opened more potential deals. Since Velvetech specializes in customized solutions, recommending PandaDoc to solve the various document goals of their clients fits nicely with their consulting style.

PandaDoc has relieved a great deal of stress surrounding the sales process and freed up valuable time allowing Velvetech to innovate solutions for as many clients as possible.

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