TPD Cuts Client Onboarding Time by 75% with PandaDoc + HubSpot

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The challenge:

TPD struggled to manage the never ending paperwork that comes with the territory of working in HR. Employees didn’t have a centralized location to access documents from multiple office locations, causing human error issues like old legal language, inconsistent branding and more.

The solution:

Onboarding and integrating PandaDoc into their HubSpot CRM decreased their onboarding time for new hires by 75%, saving $3,700 in labor costs and 188 hours per month. 

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TPD is an international Workforce and HR Solutions company that partners with clients and the talent pool to help people succeed and organizations perform. TPD provides scalable HR solutions that are backed by the best retention programs and service guarantees in the industry.

Document errors and and paperwork headaches

TPD deals with a lot of paperwork. And paperwork brings headaches. Anyone who’s ever been hired, or has hired others, knows that there are multiple forms and contracts to fill out. This can lead to a lot of printing, filling out/signing, scanning, sending back, and filing if you don’t have a solution like PandaDoc in place.

Prior to PandaDoc, paperwork was sent out by multiple offices without a centralized hub to access documents from their various office locations across North America. That created problems with old legal language, inconsistent branding, errors, and more.

Their process went a little something like this:

  • Added branding elements and recipient information to each document via Microsoft Word
  • Converted the Word Documents to fillable Adobe PDF forms
  • Uploaded the forms into their CRM
  • Downloaded the form for sending 

Because this process was so cumbersome, employees often referred to forms saved locally to save time, causing a slew of consistency issues and mistakes. 

Automating document workflows with PandaDoc

TPD’s Director of Business Systems & Processes, Kelsey Boyd, identified PandaDoc as the ideal solution due to its integration with HubSpot and its robust document automation capabilities. PandaDoc offered more than just electronic signatures; it provided centralized document storage, branding controls, and standardized workflows. By leveraging PandaDoc, TPD aimed to optimize efficiency and productivity across their HR processes and multiple offices in North America. 

Using PandaDoc with the HubSpot CRM gave TPD the ability to create, deliver, sign and store all of their documents – all without having to leave HubSpot. With the new PandaDoc integration in place, TPD was able to reduce errors in their processes, regain control, achieve consistency with branding, and reduce the number of tools used, all while saving time and money. PandaDoc’s system, paired with the auto-populated insights from the HubSpot CRM, was invaluable to their success.

TPD gets contracts signed faster and invoices paid right from PandaDoc

By leveraging PandaDoc’s payments integration with Stripe, TPD provides clients a ‘Pay Now’ option from their online invoices. This functionality provides their sales team visibility into invoice collections within PandaDoc. 

Impact: Reduced onboarding time by 75% and saved thousands 

Since using the PandaDoc integration with HubSpot in March 2016, their return on investment has been clear.

  • They’ve decreased the amount of time it takes to onboard each new hire from one hour to just 15 minutes
  • TPD saves 188 hours a month, resulting in $3,700 per month savings in reduced administrative wages
  • 44% decrease in spend on unnecessary licenses and tools used, like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • TPD’s Pay Now option has improved cash flow by reducing the number of days outstanding by 50% compared to other payment methods.

Using the HubSpot CRM with PandaDoc integration has allowed TPD to take control of business processes, save money and time, all while achieving massive growth. TPD is continuing to optimize their usage of HubSpot and the PandaDoc integration with their sales team to give sales reps access to valuable collateral and save them time on each proposal they produce for prospective clients. Both systems are user-friendly, have a manageable level of intricacies, and occupy the perfect balance between system capability and complexity.

PandaDoc also played a crucial role in TPD’s rapid response during a crisis, facilitating the hiring and onboarding of over 300 individuals in less than two weeks.

Boyd’s job is to review and quantify ROI on new tools. In response to the ROI of PandaDoc, she says, “the numbers tell the story here.”

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