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The problem

The Christensen Group provides business and estate planning legal services to its clients as the company’s sole practitioner. They established their own automation of documentation processes, the first of their kind actually, in the 1980s.

Understanding the stoic nature of the legal industry, the business received questions, and some backlash, about what was actually built and why. The legal industry has typically held on to traditional practices versus considering new digital or electronic operations. 

“In the old days, you had to use FedEx, and hope they signed it where you noted, and sent it back. Now you can sign it and send it back without the hassle.” Pattie Christensen, Esq.

The solution

PandaDoc Notary allows for the notarization of documents, and confirming identity without being physically present. As Pattie works for both her individual and corporate clients, she can add forms and use templates to complete her tasks. She requires all clients to use PandaDoc so that she can ensure consistency and accuracy of documents and processes alike.

With PandaDoc, she can be made aware of any changes or updates to content within the document; ensure standardization of all documents for each client, and establish a naming convention for access to documents whenever necessary. 

The corporate clients ultimately use PandaDoc as a central repository. There is a lot of activity within these documents. PandaDoc reporting analytics allows customers to track every step of that process. Clients and customers are much happier because they can see what’s happening in real time. 

“What I love about PandaDoc is eSignature without the ridiculous pricing! But most importantly, you’ve got all the features.” Pattie Chistensen, Esq.

PandaDoc Notary is a game-changer for the business. It provides Remote Online Notarization (RON), which means you can simply click the link, push a few buttons, and the notary is done, all while on a Zoom meeting. There is no longer the need for driving for hours just to get a single document notarized. This is a huge time-saver for all parties involved. 

Previously, Pattie, or the client, would have to schedule a time, travel three to four hours one way, just to complete one document in person. PandaDoc Notary has been instrumental in reducing the time she spends notarizing documents. Pattie can now address the needs of her customers quickly. She can focus and dedicate more time to the other daily needs of the business.

“In addition to reducing my carbon footprint by not driving so much, we’re also saving so many trees.” Pattie Christensen, Esq

The results

Thanks to PandaDoc, The Christensen Group has saved time, money, and expenses.

The company appreciates the uniform experience that every customer receives through a controlled intake process. The automation of processes makes supporting clients that much easier. 

“I am to get what I need, and not get what I don’t want.” Pattie Christensen, Esq

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