OneTreePlanted reduced time spent creating agreements by 92%

OneTreePlanted chose PandaDoc to make managing global projects paperless. Now, their team saves 160 hours per agreement.

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“As a reforestation non-profit, we try to keep our operations as paper-free as possible. We are happy to work with PandaDoc to send documents virtually, saving on paper and, in turn, saving trees. Not only do they keep trees in the ground through their operations, [but] they also plant trees with us, benefiting people, nature, and biodiversity. We are excited to continue this partnership with PandaDoc, to prevent deforestation and support reforestation!”

One Tree Planted is a Global Reforestation Non-Profit. The company’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to help the environment by planting trees. With every dollar donated, they plant one tree. These efforts help restore forests, create habitats for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact worldwide.

The problem

As a company on a critical mission to foster a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, incorporating PandaDoc to streamline their daily processes and reduce waste was a no-brainer.

In the past, One Tree Planted did agreements the old-fashioned way – print, scan, sign, repeat. Not only did they have to dedicate financial resources to wasteful supplies like printers, ink, paper, and storage, but their process for tracking the completion of documents proved challenging.

“PandaDoc aligns with our company’s messaging and assists with eliminating the need for resources like printers, scanners, paper, and ink,” Chloe Ketteling, Operations Team Exec Assistant.

The solution

The pandemic presented the most obvious issue – the need to sign documents without being face-to-face. PandaDoc came to the rescue!

The project team was able to find a solution that made managing global projects that much easier. The need to sign documents digitally quickly became a major focus to ensure that projects were properly funded and donations were easily accepted.

“COVID heightened the requirement of a completely digital process and electronic signatures,” Chloe Ketteling, Operations Team Exec Assistant.

By taking advantage of PandaDoc templates and the DocX Converter, One Tree Planted was able to create and send NDAs and partner agreements in just a few clicks.

Partners could make suggestions and leave feedback in real time while finalizing agreements. Once the documents were completed, the team stored them in their CRM for easy access.

“At current, it is very rare that documents are printed, aside from the requirement of a wet signature,” Chloe Ketteling, Operations Team Exec Assistant.

The results

PandaDoc has had a major impact on the team’s day-to-day operations. They’ve eliminated the need to recreate and constantly upload documents thanks to templates, saving them countless hours in the day.

Before, it could take weeks to collect signatures. One Tree Planted can now get the job done in under a day without chasing down partners and stakeholders.

The need for wasteful resources to print documents or use paper, ink, and even pens is no longer necessary. As their mission dictates, One Tree Planted is a company focused on making it simple to help the environment, and PandaDoc was a partner in making that happen.

“It makes my job easier! It’s easy to use, super simple, pretty intuitive, consistent, and supports our normal rhythm,” Chloe Ketteling, Operations Team Exec Assistant.

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