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Founded in 1999, Impact is one of the fastest-growing managed services providers in the nation, employing over 650 industry experts at 23 locations across the US. Impact specializes in the conception, development, and execution of customized strategies and solutions that improve the technical, financial, operational, and creative aspects of a business. The Impact suite of services includes Managed IT & Cloud Services, Cybersecurity, Digital Innovation, Print & Document Management, and Branding & Marketing.

The problem 

Marry Zellers runs Impact Networking’s human resources department and oversees all 26 of its branches across the United States. Given the breadth of the organization, having tools that facilitate collaboration and execution of business documents is a necessity.

Until a few years ago, Impact relied heavily on paper and outdated technology to document employee agreements, onboarding, compensation plans, and to get signatures. And with 600 employees across the country, things easily slipped or broke down. When it came to collecting signatures or keeping track of documents, they didn’t have a universal system or process in place to keep everyone on the same page. This was causing a lot of frustration, and costing Impact time and money.

“Our biggest problem was the lack of organization when it came to keeping track of everything, especially as we grew.” Mary Zellers, Director of Human Resources

The solution

Impact Networking was looking for a solution to streamline the HR process, and when COVID-19 hit, they knew they needed to act fast, and their CTO did just that and purchased PandaDoc. 

Their business analyst, Daniel Bennett, worked with the different departments to help them get up and running right away, which was important as a shelter-in-place order had just been placed. 

Impact’s Director of Human Resources, Mary Zellers, was able to get quickly trained and send out over 600 work-from-home documents. “One of the great parts about PandaDoc is just how user-friendly it is,” says Mary. From March through June 2020, Mary sent out over 1,800 documents in PandaDoc due to the many changes happening at that time. All offer letters, contract changes, and any administrative change notices went through PandaDoc. The best part, she has a clear record of everything, and documents are stored in the same place. 

“PandaDoc has really allowed us to be more efficient and proactive. It’s now easy to keep track and follow up because we can see at a glance which documents were sent, received, opened, and completed.”

Before PandaDoc, position changes or increases were always on paper and had to be mailed from one office to another or transferred through threads of emails to and from different parties. Now that it’s all digital, Mary’s team spends less time creating documents and chasing down signatures making the process a whole lot easier for everyone involved.

“PandaDoc has changed the game for our department. Most of our time used to be taken up by administrative work whereas now we can focus on building out programs to help our employees and our company culture.” Mary Zellers, Director of Human Resources.

The results

Since adopting PandaDoc, Mary Zellers uses it pretty much every single day from administrative change forms, benefits, PTO, and much more. Her team can now send documents to different stakeholders or departments who can quickly collaborate and sign off on the document all within PandaDoc. Even their CEO is well versed in using PandaDoc, and they can get his signature quickly. The Talent Acquisition team also uses PandaDoc for the entire onboarding process. They’ll use PandaDoc to send out the offer letters, compensation plan as well as the commission structure.

“We now have more time to be involved in important things that aren’t administrative tasks, like enhancing our onboarding experience” Mary Zellers, Director of Human Resources.

Other departments at Impact saw the value in using a digital document platform like PandaDoc and introduced it as part of their tech stack. Impact’s Sales, Logistics, and Finance teams all create, send and sign documents via PandaDoc.

PandaDoc has transformed the way documents are created, sent, signed, and stored, saving Impact time, money and headaches. With their business process significantly improved, Mary’s team can focus on making her department and organization more successful.

“Productivity and organization are the two biggest impacts that I’ve personally seen since using PandaDoc.” Mary Zellers, Director of Human Resources. 

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