Belkins boosts productivity with PandaDoc


We’ve helped them improve team efficiency by 20%, shorten their sales cycle by 15% and close more deals with speed and ease.

time decreased to send contracts
more closed deals
shorter sales cycle

Belkins is an acquisition agency that provides lead generation and appointment setting services. In just five years, they’ve grown into a full-scale operation, with 1,000 clients worldwide.

Businesses in more than 50 industries rely on Belkins to scale via the latest technology, as well as innovative marketing and sales solutions.

The problem

Belkins client base is spread across the world, which creates a challenge with both the distance and time difference. This requires the need to create, send, track and eSign contracts remotely and asynchronously.

Contract management can be a brutally manual and time consuming process. While sending contracts by email, there was a big struggle to confirm receipt.

With their sales team handling hundreds of contracts yearly, they are always looking for ways to optimize processes and apply automation.

“We value quality, speed, and consistency in everything we do. Finding a solution to remotely handle and streamline the paperwork was critical for our team.” Brian Hicks, VP of Sales.

The solution

Belkins leveraged PandaDoc as a secure contract execution mechanism. They upload pre-built contracts, assign recipients and signers, and send them out for electronic signatures. 

PandaDoc enables Belkins to communicate with clients in real-time, while contracts are being finalized. Their customers are able to leave comments and suggestions where applicable.

These real-time notifications take the guesswork out of next steps regarding contract execution and keep the process moving quickly. 

“The UI is simple to use and seamless as well. PandaDoc is an easy-to-learn and reliable platform. It saves us a lot of time.” Brian Hicks, VP of Sales.


PandaDoc has become Belkins’ primary source for contract generation. More than 200 deals closed last year, equating to at least 420 contracts that were built and signed. 

All contracts are stored in one place, easy to find and just as easy to track. This has resulted in 26% more closed deals by top performers. 

“We can’t avoid formalities and routines, but what we can do is minimize them, making things smooth. This is the added value we also bring to our clients, thanks to PandaDoc.” Brian Hicks, VP of Sales.

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