As a healthcare provider, your time should be spent with your patients, not pushing paper. In accordance with customer and prospect requests, PandaDoc is now HIPAA compliant, which means you can finally free your organization from outdated and inefficient methods of sensitive document generation, storage, and signing.

The best patient experience starts here.

Now, we’re bringing our bread-and-butter benefits to your patient interactions: streamlined workflows, time saved, and easy-to-collect eSignatures. By achieving HIPAA compliance, PandaDoc is now better equipped to serve its customers in the healthcare industry in a patient-facing capacity. No matter the type of form or document, you can now create and access HIPAA-compliant templates to share with your patients directly within PandaDoc.

Download our Healthcare one-pager

By digitizing your documents you’ll give your filing cabinet and scanner a well-deserved break, while also creating a safer way for your staff to interact with new patients and even collect payment. The days of packed waiting rooms and shared pens are long gone. PandaDoc makes filling out patient forms a quick, easy, and touchless experience by providing the option to securely complete them from anywhere, on any electronic device.

Once signed, your patient’s documents will be delivered, automatically tracked, and stored in a central location. Our servers are hosted on the Amazon AWS platform, support Single Sign-On (SSO), are SOC 2 certified, and will simplify how you protect and manage your data. Eliminate any worry over losing or misplacing documents that list a patient’s protected health information (PHI). By spending less time spent on inefficient processes, your staff can focus their energy toward providing quality care to more patients.

HIPAA regulations (The HIPAA Privacy Rule) require a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). PandaDoc will sign a Business Associate Agreement for Annual Business or Enterprise plan customers.