HIPAA compliance and streamlined eSignatures for healthcare

Learn how e-signatures can help your healthcare facility remain HIPAA compliant while streamlining your entire signature process.

HIPAA compliance and streamlined eSignatures for healthcare

Performance for pros

Here’s a closer look at how healthcare providers using PandaDoc transformed their workflow

to create and send docs
2 min
average signing time per doc
23 min
average deal value

Digital signatures + HIPAA compliance

Create and prepare electronic documents

Say goodbye to endless paperwork and complicated patient onboarding packages. With PandaDoc, patients can review and electronically sign documents for easy processing and archiving.

Audit trails and secure signing

Each document signed with PandaDoc comes with a timestamp and an attached audit trail validating went the patient accessed and signed the document. These features help to ensure user authentication and non-repudiation.

Protected health information

Documents sent with PandaDoc are encrypted and compliant with government and healthcare industry standards. Every document you send is HIPAA compliant and secured against tampering.

Create electronic medical records at lightning speed

Upload critical forms and create templates for faster and more efficient processing.

Patient forms

Patient forms

Intake forms, questionnaires, and health plan information can be packaged into easy-to-generate electronic bundles for easy dispatch.
Consent forms and disclaimers

Consent forms and disclaimers

Use electronic signature tools to securely capture patient signatures for critical documents. Signers can even submit payments after e-signing for faster processing.
Acknowledgement letters

Acknowledgement letters

Send acknowledgment letters and other key electronic forms quickly and without hassle to keep business flowing smoothly.

PandaDoc provides my sales team with the ability to stand out, helping us win more business and ensuring our customers receive a top-notch product and service.

hours saved per week per rep
completion of eSignatures & initials
decrease in doc creation time

Build a better workflow for your team

From faster workflows to greater document portability, PandaDoc delivers a better operational experience for everyone.

Save time

Switching from paper documents to electronic health records (EHR) helps healthcare organizations at every stage of the administrative process. Save time and money by digitizing your records and working with a proven e-signature solution.

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Stay compliant

Under HIPAA, covered entities are required to comply with mandates to protect patient information. The use of electronic signatures is accepted under HIPAA as long as message integrity is maintained through the entire signature process.


Streamline your business

Some e-signature software solutions only help with signed documents. With PandaDoc, it’s easier than ever to create invoices, agreements, proposals, and contracts so that all of your daily operations are even more efficient.


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The vallue of paperless

“For the ones (like me) who loathe paper, this is one of the best ways to keep track of all documents needed on HR Management. It cut’s administrative time spent in about 50%.”

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5 stars out of 5

Great software, fresh new feel for daily use.

“Very easy to use, and does what it needs to. Looks good to customers. We use it for all the various contracting we do. We also use it to replace some of our credentialing forms that require signatures.”

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5 stars out of 5

Excellent Product!

“I like all of the features. It’s easy to use and our clients have no issues using their system either.”

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Security - HIPAA
Security - HIPAA