InSync saves 5 hours per week per sales rep

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InSync Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of integrated EMR and practice management software, revenue cycle management services and medical transcription to thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the United States. The company has leveraged advanced technology and proven business processes to provide services and solutions that translate into better efficiency for healthcare organizations.

hours per week per rep saved
completion of all signatures & initials
decrease in doc creation time

The problem

InSync works in the cutthroat medical software field, so they’re always looking for any edge they can get over their competitors. Unfortunately, their lengthy sales cycle and complicated document process prevented them from standing out amongst the already crowded industry.

To create a proposal, contract, or quote, a sales rep started in Excel. Then, a rep had to copy and paste client information from their CRM which lead to dozens of errors and more time spent making edits. After converting the Excel sheet to a PDF file, the rep not only had to email the PDF as an attachment but also include video links and ROI analyses in the body of the email further taking time away from selling activities.

Then it was a waiting game. A rep had no insight into when or even if their prospect received their proposal, further increasing their time to close. Moreover, collecting a signature reduced productivity for the prospect too as they were required to use antiquated technology like printers and faxes to return the agreement to InSync.

The solution

Once Alex Sandkuhl, the Director of Sales, realized the sales team needed a more organized, streamlined process, he turned to a Google search and found PandaDoc.

Alex worked with our Onboarding Team and was up and running within a couple of weeks. Together they built a library of templates and content library items so that reps could generate and customize their documents in mere minutes. They no longer needed to attach their video links and ROI analysis in an email, instead, all they have to do is just drag and drop them right into a proposal, quote, or contract.

“PandaDoc gives us a distinct edge over our competitors when it comes to contract presentation, delivery, and execution.” Sandkuhl the Director of Sales

Their proposal process also went from three tools to one thanks to the PandaDoc HubSpot CRM integration. Now all a rep needs to do to generate a sales doc is to open HubSpot CRM, launch PandaDoc, and with just a few clicks, and thanks to Tokens, they have a beautiful document auto-populated with pricing and client data.

The results

InSync’s new process is a drastic improvement over their old one. Alex and his team are loving their new dashboard which gives them visibility into which documents are sent, which are awaiting a signature, and which are already completed. This level of tracking empowers InSync to accelerate their sales cycle, a capability they didn’t have previously.

And speaking of accelerating the sales cycle, each InSync sales rep now saves about 5 hours per week which has helped increase their productivity and given them more time to sell.

“PandaDoc provides my sales team with the ability to stand out helping us win more business and ensuring our customers receive a top-notch product and service.” Alex Sandkuhl, Director of Sales

Thanks to the built-in legally-binding eSignatures, it is easier than ever for InSync prospects and customers to sign on the dotted line. Since the sales team adopted PandaDoc, InSync has seen 100% of their sent docs completed. The Signing Order feature, which paints a clear path of who should sign and when has also contributed to their closing success.

Most importantly, PandaDoc gives the InSync team an organized and streamlined proposal process. Alex and his team can now effectively present their solution by delivering a proposal right to the Decision-Maker at the right time and no longer do they have to rely on strings of emails and complicated PDFs.

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