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HPC is an accounting, tax, and advisory firm leveraging technology to offer their clients the services they need to grow and better manage their business.

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HPC is an accounting, tax, and advisory firm leveraging technology to offer their clients the services they need to grow and better manage their business. With virtual staff in 12 states, the company has been servicing their accounting clients of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years.

The problem

HPC serves clients all across the US and on six continents with their cloud-based services. To do this more effectively, they needed to standardize their document process across the entire organization, especially during their busy tax season.

Sending out a high volume of proposals and contracts has been a challenge because of their robust product offering and the numerous tools they use to create their client-facing documents. Like any organization, HPC needs tools to thrive, but they also needed to institute a process behind them. They needed a centralized solution to improve team collaboration and productivity.

The solution

Before PandaDoc, their process included creating proposals and contracts in Microsoft Word or Google Documents, sending them out via EchoSign for signatures, and then, once the deal is closed, updating that information within HubSpot CRM, their accounting software Xero, and their project management software. This proved to be an inefficient process to get documents to their recipients and for onboarding clients because it required a lot of back and forth between each system.

“This process took at least an hour and a half and was more work because of all of the manual steps. Our previous process also brought more errors and more miscommunication leading to a less pleasant experience overall for our prospects, clients, and staff.” Matt Nyman, Client Success Manager

Now PandaDoc’s integrations have eliminated this disjointed process. The team at HPC can now create, approve, send out, and receive signatures on a proposal without ever having to leave HubSpot CRM. And once a deal is closed, they can immediately invoice clients directly through the Xero integration.

PandaDoc has given HPC the ability to cut a process that used to take hours down to minutes. With the HubSpot CRM integration, they can now pre-populate their document with the right deal information thus eliminating errors and personalizing each proposal and agreement. Because of their streamlined process, they’ve also seen a 20% increase in their close rate.

Client onboarding also improved with PandaDoc’s workspace capabilities. HPC can create the same document so that virtual team members can collaborate and communicate on those documents. This keeps the entire company in sync since there is a centralized place for all of their proposals and contracts.

“In one day I can easily have six or more sales calls that need a proposal. Typically I’d wait until the end of the day to send them out. With PandaDoc, I can enter call details into HubSpot CRM, create a custom proposal with dynamic pricing tables, and get approval from my boss all within 36 minutes. I no longer need to compartmentalize my sales tasks. This exact process previously would’ve taken me at least an hour per proposal.” Matt Nyman, Client Success Manager

With the integration of PandaDoc, HubSpot CRM, and Xero, HPC has made their document creation process more efficient, improved team collaboration and customer onboarding. They routinely receive positive feedback from their customers on the user experience and have even recommended the integrations to a handful of business owners. And without the advanced analytics, they would need an additional 1-2 sales reps or an admin to help handle the volume of sales and the metrics that need to be provided to management.

“Our agreements are not just a document; they are another piece of the sales process that should show our clients how forward thinking we are. I believe PandaDoc helps HPC aid in the difficult decision our clients face in choosing a cloud-savvy accounting partner. It also helps us segment our documents for promoting our partners like Xero, and it streamlines our onboarding process with automatic notifications and appropriate scope and client instruction.” Matt Nyman, Client Success Manager

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