Mohave Community College’s HR Department goes completely paperless

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Mohave Community College is a two-year, rural community college focused on boosting careers, lives, and futures. Located in Kingman, Arizona, with campuses also in Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, and Colorado City; the college has over 1,400 undergraduate students and over 80 faculty members.

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The problem

MCC’s HR department wanted to go paperless but knew that this would be a daunting task. Jennie Dixon, Director of Human Resources, relied heavily on paper forms for all of their HR documents. Many needed collaboration between managers and recipients, leading to longer process times and more manual work. Collecting signatures was also a headache. Their process included printing and mailing forms, followed by manually scanning completed documents and forms to store them in a virtual filing system.

“In HR, we live and die by the forms we have employees fill out. For things such as insurance and taxes, these are vital documents we’re responsible for.” Jennie Dixon, Director of Human Resources

As the head of a small team with a lot of responsibility, she decided to take on the paper-free challenge and improve her department’s productivity at the same time. She also knew that the change would require buy-in from a lot of people, including those employees who would be resistant to change.

“I looked for something that would be easy for my employees to use and looked like the forms everyone was already used to using.” Jennie Dixon, Director of Human Resources

The solution

Jennie encouraged successful adoption within her organization by creating templates and gradually sending forms via the platform. PandaDoc is now a core tool for their department. They have about 65 templates consistently used for background release forms, benefits forms, tuition forms, and insurance claims.

“We use PandaDoc for everything you can possibly imagine. If you have any form that you need to send out, route anywhere, be completed, and sent back – it works well with PandaDoc every time.” Jennie Dixon, Director of Human Resources

More departments at Mohave Community College are starting to follow Jennie’s lead in adopting a paperless work environment. Other departments using PandaDoc at MCC include Compliance and Risk, Financial Aid, and the Center for Learning and Excellence in Technology.

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