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The innovative crew at Inkit believe strongly in the power of direct mail automation in the information age. They are dedicated to providing companies with a stress-free solution to running cost-effective direct mail campaigns.

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The problem

Lots of moving pieces and intricate solutions are what the team at Inkit specializes in. Navigating expansive direct mail automation campaigns for enterprise companies involves diligent focus. So when their contract process began eating up precious time from managing their business, Inkit knew something was amiss and needed a solution.

To submit a contract, they would upload their long enterprise agreement into HelloSign, send it out and hold their breath. Without fail, clients went into editing-mode right away, redlining and making changes to the contract. As a result, legal fees skyrocketed and started off their business relationships with clients in a less-than-ideal fashion.

The other problem was that all of the legal back and forth dragged out their sales cycle excessively. Firm believers in the adage that “time kills deals,” Michael, the co-founder of Inkit knew that it was time to look for a document solution that would speed up the bottom of their sales funnel.

The solution

It was through a PandaDoc partner that PandaDoc came to the attention of Michael and Inkit. Once introductions were made, and after a trial, Inkit immediately began finding ways to rebuild their closing process through PandaDoc.

“PandaDoc has saved us time and money by shortening our sales cycle. We’ve reduced the amount of redlines and increased our sales velocity, allowing us to save time and money.” Michael McCarthy, Co-founder

Utilizing the templates feature, they now draft highly bespoke contracts for each client, adding and removing content and terms while keeping the original template untouched for future use. Best of all, they store heavily used content, whether marketing material or legal terms, in the content library within PandaDoc. No more hunting through different folders and drives to find up to date and approved collateral or T&Cs.

With clients now receiving more specified contracts, there is far less back and forth editing. And, any changes that are requested can be made in the comment section right on the document itself in PandaDoc. When legal departments review the revamped contracts from Inkit now, most of the agreed terms have already been ironed out, and the approval process flows smoothly.

In the vein of expediting the sales process, their team utilizes the baked in eSignature within PandaDoc, which not only makes the agreement legally binding but triggers their billing process. Through the integration between PandaDoc and Stripe, as soon as a client signs the contract they are prompted to enter their billing information through credit card or ACH payment.

The results

Inkit has more time to focus on growing their business and perfecting direct mail postcards instead of going over terms with lawyers. Since removing extraneous back and forth communication over contracts, Inkit has removed fifteen days from their average sales cycle, and legal fees have decreased by over $5,000 each month.

By utilizing the many sales enablement features in PandaDoc including integrations with their CRM, HubSpot, and billing software Stripe, Inkit has completely retooled their direct mail sales process. From start to finish their entire sales cycle has decreased in time and cost by approximately seventy-five percent.

PandaDoc has freed an average of twenty hours per employee that was involved in their previous contracting process while sending out more personalized contracts than before. With all of that extra time and freedom from legal headaches, the Inkit team can focus on changing the direct mail automation software universe.

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