Invaco doubled its close rate in 2 months

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Invaco designs and manufactures armored vehicles that empower people to live their lives without fear. Zubia helps businesses generate more qualified leads and revenue while increasing their loyalty, repurchase, and recommendation rates.

close rate in 2 months

The problem

Invaco’s Service Center relied on an intricate, detailed quoting workflow that they wanted to streamline for improved efficiency. When a client reported an issue with their vehicle, Invaco performed a diagnostic test and then called the client with a quote to get their authorization.

Due to the meticulous construction of armored vehicles and the nature of their diagnostic tests, the Invaco team often found additional issues with the vehicles brought in for service. With their original workflow, their Service Center was unable to create an itemized breakdown of any additional charges attached to the quote. Meaning, Invaco would first agree upon a price with the customer for the planned service and any other services needed would simply be baked into a final price.

“This (the original workflow) led to misunderstandings with our clients and greatly delayed our sales cycle.” Rosendo Valles, CEO at Invaco

Around the same time, Zubia was on the hunt for a new document management and sales enablement solution to offer clients such as Invaco who were looking to improve their workflows.

The solution

Zubia discovered PandaDoc and was particularly impressed by its sales enablement functionality. Once they realized how ahead of the market PandaDoc was, they became a Certified Partner in order to bring the benefits of PandaDoc to their customers.

Zubia worked with Invaco to diagnose the problems in their workflows and propose a solution. In less than two months, Invaco had implemented PandaDoc, onboarded its team of five, and integrated the software with their Zendesk CRM

The PandaDoc partnership enabled Zubia to better serve its customers, including Invaco, and help them crush their deals from propose to close. PandaDoc provides all Certified Partners, like Zubia, with the training and support they need to implement PandaDoc as a strategic component of their service offerings and drive growth for their business. PandaDoc also provided Zubia with exclusive benefits and ensured that they earned meaningful commissions on every license sold.

Thanks to Zubia’s introduction, PandaDoc helped Invaco simplify the way they send, track, and receive payment on over 15 documents per week. They created custom pricing tables that provided customers with total visibility into the cost of each planned and unplanned service recommended.

“I reference the PandaDoc Dashboard on a daily basis to get a pulse check on where each deal is in the sales cycle, which helps me accurately forecast revenue.” Rosendo Valles, CEO at Invaco

The result

In the time it took for Invaco to implement PandaDoc, they saw their close rate double. The Invaco team attributes this dramatic improvement to the professional-looking and media-rich quotes and invoices they create with PandaDoc, the time their administrative team saves by automating manual data-entry tasks, and the world-class checkout experience they provide their clients that transformed their internal cash flow and collections process.

The way Invaco’s Service Center now does business is easier than ever for both the business and its customers.

“We look forward to a Spanish translation of PandaDoc created someday soon, so we can better serve our Spanish speaking clientele.” Rosendo Valles, CEO at Invaco

As for Zubia?

“We are immensely grateful for the PandaDoc Partner Program. We thought that adding another service offering to our business would be painful, difficult, and cumbersome but Team PandaDoc has made it a breeze. We’ve been able to grow our revenue by 20% while helping our customers double, if not triple, their close rate. Cheers to many more years as a PandaDoc Partner and we can’t wait for what’s to come!” Jorge Garagarza, CEO at Invaco

Success metrics

This year we’ve taken a data-driven approach to improve our customers’ processes by introducing Success Metrics. These key performance indicators include numbers like close rate and time from creating to send that help accounts to track and measure success as well as improvements. Zubia was one of the first accounts to go through these numbers – here is their experience:

Despite Zubia’s ability to expertly pinpoint areas of their client’s workflow that could be improved by PandaDoc, they wanted to explore what in-product activity could reveal about their own document processes needed some fresh eyes on their own business document process. 

To evaluate their existing flow, PandaDoc’s Customer Success team gathered the key performance indicators (KPIs) from Zubia’s own account and set up a call with them to review. Renata Viel, Zubia Business Development, met live with PandaDoc Customer Success Manager, Emily Cozzens to analyze usage and performance data from Zubia’s account. 

Together, they discovered that their average close rate had increased since implementing PandaDoc. But, they also saw that Zubia’s create-to-send time was a little higher than expected. Emily worked with Renata to connect Zubia’s CRM, Zendesk Sell, to their PandaDoc account to eliminate the manual data entry tasks that were slowing them down. 

Renata was impressed with the consultative nature of the call, the level of product expertise Emily brought to the table, and the solution that was provided to improve their create-to-send time. The live review of Zubia’s PandaDoc workspace allowed them to take a second look at how they were optimizing their own account which allowed them to provide the same types of analysis to their own clients when acting as a PandaDoc reseller. 

Interested in reviewing the success metrics of your own PandaDoc account? Check out this article to learn more.

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