AMBS Call Center reduces proposal creation by 99%

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AMBS Call Center is a 24/7 call center company providing telephone answering service and call center solutions. Their clients’ customers can receive assistance, access information, and make purchases at their convenience. They focus on providing highly customized solutions to all of their clients and do not discriminate taking on clients based on their call volume.

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AMBS is a privately owned, family-run telecommunications company. As a leader in the call center industry, they have established a perfect blend between technology and personnel. Their call center provides service 24/7/365 and allows businesses to operate more efficiently and communicate better with their customers.

“It [proposal creation] was weeks, and now it’s minutes. At the essence of it, PandaDoc allows us to do more with less. Marketing can focus on nurturing the right customers, while the HR team can focus on our team.”  Aaron Boatin, President

As many have experienced, AMBS previously used the archaic, painstaking process of manually building PDFs. This process was broken because it caused many inefficiencies with their HubSpot integration. The company emphasizes prioritizing the quality of service its customers receive. Because of this, AMBS wanted to get customers to obtain their services as quickly as possible. Therefore, the call center needed a solution that connected a customer’s information and data with the documents they send. 

“It’s so helpful to have the data flow right over.” Aaron Boatin, President

AMBS’s use of PandaDoc is not just limited to one team. Initially, AMBS used PandaDoc for Sales and Finance only. Now they use the software for their HR, Accounting, Marketing, and Sales teams and their documents. The organization hopes to integrate PandaDoc with Bamboo for HR to make their process smoother. 

The introduction amongst other teams has allowed for improved collaboration between multiple stakeholders. Revisions, comments, and working cross-functionally with other teams are much better. The digital presence of PandaDoc has also made it easier to track and report on progress throughout the entire organization.

“Our team was printing job applications, then scanning them, and uploading them. This process was highly inefficient and presented challenges for us across our locations. Using forms with electronic signatures made perfect sense. We’ve reduced our paper use which is great for our bottom line and from a sustainability standpoint.” Aaron Boatin, President

AMBS has been a PandaDoc customer for five years, so they’ve had a first-hand account of the evolution of the tool. Thanks to their tenure, the team has reduced even more inefficiencies in their document processes. AMBS is now processing documents ten times faster than their old process. This is the result they are most proud of because it is a testament to how much PandaDoc has dramatically improved its business.

“Like the new version of the app with functionality. User experience has improved drastically, latency issues have improved.” Aaron Boatin, President

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