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Ambs Call Center

Ambs Call Center
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Ambs Call Center is a 24/7 call center company providing telephone answering service and call center solutions. Their clients' customers can receive assistance, access information, and make purchases at their convenience. They focus on providing highly customized solutions to all of their clients and do not discriminate taking on clients based on their call volume.

The Problem

Ambs prides itself on providing bespoke solutions for their customers by putting the quality of service above all else. While they excelled at handling their clients’ business, there was a gap in their customer’s buying process.

When a potential customer expressed interest, Ambs sales reps would begin their tedious process of preparing proposals, quotes, and contracts. Multiple drafts of Word documents or PDF’s were painstakingly filled with client data which then made the rounds for internal approval. By the time the contract was sent out to the client, their sales team would wait even longer in the dark, hoping that the contract was signed sooner than later.

On top of a drawn-out sales process, there was a gap in backend communication after a sale was made. Finance would have to hunt for completed contracts to provision clients in as timely a manner as possible.

“PandaDoc has been the single biggest game-changer for us out of anything we’ve done in recent memory as it pertains to internal processes. Our clients also appreciate the ease with which they can interact with us,” said Aaron Boatin, President

The Solution

After onboarding with PandaDoc, their sales team was off to the races. Having streamlined and consistent templates with marketing content boosted their sales immediately. The process from proposal generation to signed contract went from weeks to days, sometimes hours or minutes.

After the contract is sent out, reps are notified through the real-time document tracking and analyticsin PandaDoc when prospective customers view a document. Now they call their prospects at just the right time to talk over the details and scope of the agreement. It is becoming a regular practice for their reps to send the contract out while on the phone with their customer and have it signed while on the line.

Setting up the PandaDoc integration with HubSpot resolved many internal communication errors and manual backend work as well. After the document is completed, it appears in their CRM, HubSpot, automatically notifying the finance team who then completes all the necessary billing and provisioning. New customers experience a smooth and speedy transition to becoming active clients, building strong business relationships.

The Results

Ambs has entirely revamped the bottom of their sales funnel by using PandaDoc. The sales team sends out proposals with confidence knowing that the terms are accurate and the formatting polished. Instead of the three week average on contract turnaround time, it is more common to wait minutes or hours for a signature, with the average down to three days.

The power of merging their client data from their CRM into PandaDoc eliminated a whole host of manual tasks and potential data entry errors. Their sales team saves ten hours each month on document preparation and admin work, which they reinvest in bringing more clients into the fold. All told, their closed-won rates have gone up 17.5% since integrating PandaDoc into their business.

“PandaDoc has been an integral part in our growth. Transactions that took days, now take minutes. We’ve fully integrated PandaDoc into our sales and marketing workflows and our team finds ways to leverage new features almost daily. We can’t imagine life without PandaDoc,” said Boatin.

While they originally purchased PandaDoc with the sales team in mind, the finance team has found their lives made far easier. Automated events triggered in HubSpot from completed contracts in PandaDoc create interdepartmental harmony and customer satisfaction.